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Did Divers Find A UFO In Baltic Sea?

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Triangle UFO Accompanied By 10 Spheres

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Strange anomaly was found during a sonar, USO / UFO

A team of salvage divers has discovered an unexplained object resting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near Sweden.

“This thing turned up. My first reaction was to tell the guys that we have a UFO here on the bottom,” said Peter Lindberg, the leader of the amateur treasure hunters.


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"The Second Coming" in Vitro: The Cult of the Clones - By Dave Morton

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Pensioners Claim UFO Almost Hit Their Car!

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Two Virginia Sightings of Cigar Shaped UFOs

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UFO Digest Newsletter January 26, 2012

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Morphic Resonance, Dogs, and Aliens

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'Time stood still' after UFO observation

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The return of UFOs on Lubbock, Texas

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Mexican Police Engage in UFO Chase

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President Kennedy Influenced By Extraterrestrials?

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Alien landing proof in JFK secret tapes analysis

ET influences on President Kennedy’s ambitions for the US space program can be heard in a new video analyzing backwards encrypted messages in newly released secret White House tapes.

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UFO crash in Kentucky

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UFOlogy in Braslia