Patrick O'Carroll gives vent to the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory citing 256 questions and reasons why he doubts that America landed on the Moon.
NASA composite photo of Earth and the Moon from deep space.



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Witnesses Describe Orange Triangular Object with Yellow Center

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Freedom icon a signature of intelligent ET communications on UFO Mountain

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Mystery of the Missing Children And Dulce, New Mexico

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Good Vibrations-Beginners guide to Aura Entanglement

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The Mars Monorail System: Indisputable Proof That Intelligent Life Exists on the Red Planet

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Mystery of the Missing Children - VIDEO

The Albuquerque Journal article basically asked a question why New Mexico had more missing children per population than any other comparable state. And it said it was a mystery.

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Earth's Destiny Beyond 2012

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A UFO over Loma Pyta, Paraguay?

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Brilliant Discovery: ET Tech Transfer?

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Triangle-Shaped UFO Only Twenty Feet Away!

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Video: A UFO over Loma Pyta, Paraguay?

Is the incipient UFO wave in Argentina beginning to have a ripple effect to neighboring countries? Guillermo Gimenéz alerts us to a video posted to YouTube suggesting that Paraguay -- absent from UFO chronicles since UFOs were reported over the community of Luque in March 2010 -- has experienced "strange object" sightings.

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Ninety-Seven Qurkly Takes From South Carolina

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UFO Sighting Dover, New Hampshire

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Are We Viewing UFO Occupants Objectively?

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ET Zetas Right Again-Global Warming Is A Lie