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The infamous "lady of the lake" is not the only paranormal event going on in White Rock Lake
In the White Rock Lake area lurks more than one ghostly entity.

My best friend, Don, was so scared he was practically hyperventilating in my car as I drove off fast at his urging. Don was a big, powerful, young guy who’d played football all through junior high school.


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Divina Insidia - The Divine Trap

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Unknown Object with LARGE lights, red, blue, red, blue!

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First UFO raw video released of Kansas City sightings!

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Will You Survive the Era of 2012

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Ghost Attack Caught On Camera


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'Kansas City UFO flap continues' - Missouri MUFON

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More UFO Activity Around Nelson, B.C.

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UFO Digest Newsletter October 6, 2011

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Wall Street Occupation - Where to from here?

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UFOs: What In the World Are They Doing?

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Paranormal Activity 3: Watch the trailer if you dare

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Alleged UFO Plunges Into Sea by San Antonio

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Paranormal Activity 3

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movie theater - Paranormal Activity 3 releases on the big screen October 21, 2011, just in time for Halloween.

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The Presence is a class act!

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Missouri Couple Witness Gigantic Boomerang UFO



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