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(Photo: Julius Belli /Defesanet)

On the starboard side of the airliner, businessman Julio Belli of Sao Jose dos Campos, San Pablo, Brazil, photographed UFOs following the GOL airliner. Both photos were taken from the same position, with and without the effect (Photo: Julius Belli /Defesanet)


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Extraterrestrials in Israrel

Orya Deisraeli is co-founder of Exopolitics Israel with Alfred Lambremont Webre. Alfred is the founder of , the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

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Military Interactions with Extraterrestrials

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UFO Digest Newsletter October 20, 2011

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Alien ET UFO Community "TAKEN UP" Series by TJ - Core Objective is Enlightenment

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Evolution on Other Worlds

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Aliens and UFOS - TAKEN DOWN - Natural and Manmade Caves - Sub-Global Terrains

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Evolution and The Human Genome Project

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Astral Entities and What They Can Do For You

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Wikieup, Arizona Home to a Secret Underground Military Facility?

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"Adding Energy to the World" - Remembering Budd Hopkins

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'Strange memory' problems after watching rectangle UFO claims Oregon witnesses!

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11.11.11 and the facts about Life as a 4th dimensional human

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Unidentified Flying Light-Form in Irish Meadow

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Cylindrical UFO Caught on Video In Peru?

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UFOs Mean More Work for Spain's Air Traffic Controllers



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