The Corpse of David Ferrie& His Last Words:-> “No matter what happens to me, I won’t commit suicide.” (February 20, 1967.)




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December 22, 2012....DECEPTION, DELUSION or a PSYOPS TOOL?

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Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight "Explosion"

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Vivenus Starchild: Real Thing Or Struggling Performer?

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Alien Abductions and Resistance?

Often when alien abductions do occur, the abducting entity places a screen memory in place; a telepathically imposed vivid dream, or if one is attempting active resistance, a nightmare replaces the ac
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Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan - About 2012 and the Underground Bases of the "elites"

Extremely weird but psychologically fascinating message about December 22, 2012 by Japan's self-proclaimed visionary, Kaoru Nakamaru (who claims to be Emperor Meiji's granddaughter):

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Did Witnesses' Thoughts About UFOs Fuel UFO Encounter?

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Unraveling the Obama/Mars Connection

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Planet X, 2012: Information or Disinformation?

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Witness Reports, 'Large White Blinking Like A Strobe' Object Over Airstrip

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New Stephenville Lights Video Similar To Western White House UFO incident

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Witnesses Report 'Chubby Plane With No Wings'

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UFOs Caught On Camera Then Disappear!

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The Devastation of Mankind!

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Intervention: the Return of the Gods

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This quotation is from a six-millennia-year-old hymn to the Sumerian goddess Inanna: who was represented in the heavens by the planet Venus.