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I call these stories, the stories from the cosmos because they are from my dreams and past lives. The stories that are not by me are from someone else's dreams or past lives or emotion. Even your heart has its own world that it has created.


Diane Tessman's picture

Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?

Ed Komarek's picture

Breakaway Civilization and the Secret Space Program

Steve G. Jones's picture

Akashic Records and Astral Projection

Roger Marsh's picture

Two Disc UFOs hovered over I-95 in Connecticut

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

The Extraordinary Importance Of Astrology To The Ancient Egyptians

Scott Corrales's picture

New Crop Circles at Chicoana Argentina!

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

Alien ET & UFO Community Ascension Age - Alphaverse & Omegaverse Cosmos Deities

Roger Marsh's picture

Triangle UFO Larger than a Football Field!

Gordon J. Gianninoto's picture

Revenge of the Nerds

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NASA insider reveals NASA Moon Forbidden Fly Zones exist

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divineadvancedhumanbeings.com's picture

Is HELL Real?

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Mysterious Size Changing Lights Descend from Cloud

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Astral Travel in the 4th dimension

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Immersion in the Egyptian Mysteries



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