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Judyth Baker endured a great tragedy. After many tears, she chose to live on. This painting has no people. It is a bleeding mountain!

“Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed, at the
friends, you have here on your trip.
Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship,


Louis Hart's picture

Invisible Friends

Gordon J. Gianninoto's picture

Magnetosphere of Earth Shows Planet X Below the Ecliptic in Between Sun and Earth

Roger Marsh's picture

September UFO Traffic Report

Scott Corrales's picture

"We Saw Something Weird Descending from the Sky"

TJTM's picture

A Story of the Creation Xenoverse -Omniverse and the First Djinn (Genie)

Paul Schroeder's picture

"Mirrors are the doorways through which Death enters the world"

Ron Murdock's picture

Just How Prevalent Is The Matrix System?

Roger Marsh's picture

Two Cigar Shaped UFOs with Black Bands Over Michigan

Scott Corrales's picture

'Falling Pebbles' and Barking Heard At Echeverria

Scott Corrales's picture

Probing a Possible 'UFO Origin' for the Monte Grande Explosion?

Sean Casteel's picture

A Hopeful Message From The Much Maligned Greys

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

UFO Digest Newsletter September 29, 2011

Diane Tessman's picture

The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle: Ancestors and Descendants

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Extraterrestrial Intelligence Summit - Global Tectonic Economics

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The Missing Links of Human Origins


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