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Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers.

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UFO Digest Newsletter February 9, 2012

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Soviet Nukes Activated By UFOs!

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Strange Sounds Heard Around The World. The Report.

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Most Ancient Alien Advocates...

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Human-Alien Hybridization Black Ops Project

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UFO Contact In The Amelia Case

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Egyptian Eye-Like Object Hovers Over Georgia

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Mutilated Half-Cats Return!

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Meeting Up With The Spirit Junkies

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The Gods vs. Aliens Debate

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James Gilliland's seven steps to positive ET contact

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UFO Mountain: Rider of the Cosmos

On this week’s episode of UFO Mountain James Gilliland describes seven steps to positive ET contact. The weekly online UFO documentary series explores ET contact at the ECETI Ranch and the reported UFO base inside of Mt. Adams. A renowned UFO videographer and contactee, James Gilliland is the founder of Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (ECETI).

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UFO Occupants: More than Just Cold Observers

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Two Orb Shaped Lights Reported by UC-Davis Witnesses