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Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan - About 2012 and the Underground Bases of the "elites"

Extremely weird but psychologically fascinating message about December 22, 2012 by Japan's self-proclaimed visionary, Kaoru Nakamaru (who claims to be Emperor Meiji's granddaughter):

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Did Witnesses' Thoughts About UFOs Fuel UFO Encounter?

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Unraveling the Obama/Mars Connection

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Planet X, 2012: Information or Disinformation?

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Witness Reports, 'Large White Blinking Like A Strobe' Object Over Airstrip

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New Stephenville Lights Video Similar To Western White House UFO incident

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Witnesses Report 'Chubby Plane With No Wings'

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UFOs Caught On Camera Then Disappear!

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The Devastation of Mankind!

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Intervention: the Return of the Gods

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This quotation is from a six-millennia-year-old hymn to the Sumerian goddess Inanna: who was represented in the heavens by the planet Venus.

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Solar Bombardmen

What you have just witnessed are the ongoing, massive events unfolding on the surface of our Sun. These events are being driven by convulsions in the Sun's magnetic field, which throw out coronal mass ejections: clouds of ionised gas and plasma weighing billions of tons, into the outer reaches of the Solar System. This activity will accelerate in the coming months: with bigger, and more violent events, becoming more frequent.

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Ball of Pure White Light

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Is there a 7-foot-tall man-like creature in Kentucky?

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UFO Digest Editor to Lecture at A.R.E.'s Edgar Cayce Center