The case of a man who encounters odd events in his life insisting they were all caused by lightning which they most likely were something else far...

A friend of mine told me  her father had been hit by lightning numerous times yet lived to not only tell about them but was never seriously hurt. Her Dad also had lost time experiences and a strange confrontation with a blue orb during his lifetime.


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UFO Chased by Military Aircraft, Witness Claims

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US space activities are increasing ... will efforts help average people?

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ET Spirit Social Paranormal Networking - Keeping It Real In 2012 w/UFO Contact Awareness!

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2012: It's Not The End Of The World

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A common thread connecting the Rendlesham Forest UFO event and two crop formations

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UFO Buzzed Chile's Pinochet Before '80s Coup Attempt

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UFOs reported at US football games: Public close encounters?

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Alien/Human Hybrids - What Humankind Must First Learn about Alien Abductions!

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UFO Occupants: Mirror Reflections?

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Get Your FREE Copy of "Hercolubus Or Red Planet "

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Hypnosis and The Law of Attraction

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Et in Arcadia ego or is it Et in Acadia ego?

Poussin Painting Et in Arcadia ego the finger hides the R and we see Acadia
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Alien ET UFO Community Avatars of Ascension - Golden Age of Cosmology

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The Alien's Backbone: El Moncayo.

Alien abduction
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Strategy and Tactics to Manage an Alien Abduction or Unavoidable Alien Encounter