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Belief in a government (or quasi-governmental) cover-up is central to the belief system of many people in the UFO community, and in relation to this issue one frequently comes across discussions about the extent to which it’s possible to keep secrets.


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Vancouver Video Captures UFO Cluster with Dimensional Stargates

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Vancouver Video Captures UFO Cluster with Dimensional Stargates

A cluster of multi-colored UFO’s using dimensional gateways to enter and exit the earth’s atmosphere was captured on multiple cameras in the skies over Vancouver, BC on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

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Astrology, Revelation and the Pyramids of Power

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Cosmology and the Origins of Civilization as Discussed in Laird Scranton's The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

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Disc-shaped UFO Emerges From Tree line

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Revolutions Occur Overnight

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Medical Professionals and Abductees

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Were The 1990s The Tragic 'Lost Decade" For Disclosure?

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Hurricane Danger

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My 1970s meeting with DARPA's Project Pegasus secret time travel program

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Corn Circles

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Cigar UFO had 'black bands' at middle

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The Return of the Hum - A Super Annoying Mystery

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UFO spotted over Pudong skyline in Shanghai

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Meeting Aramac An Extra Terrestrial


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