One of the most fascinating – and difficult to analyze – aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the apparent non-randomness of sightings and the effects those sightings have on those who witness them.


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Uri Geller: 11th Dimension Access

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A Second UFO Report Out of Jáchal, Argentina!

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Why Do Aliens Play Mind Games?

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A Low Flying Formation of Lights Was Observed Over PA in Two Locations

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Triangular UFO Videotaped Over Ituzaingo, Argentina

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UFO Sighting in Canoga Park, California!

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Identical UFO Photographed in Argentina and France!

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What is Poleshift and How to Live Through It?

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Are UFOs Flying Over the Mountain Ranges of Argentina?

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Alien ET & UFO Community Ascension Age Posturing for 2012

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Spirituality Your Own Way

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Jacques Layrac's UFO Video

This video was taken by Jacques Layrac in France. The video is identical to one shot recently in Argentina.

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Seti Breakthrough

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Belief and Deception: Playing Mind Games with the Reality of Visitation

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Omniverse-Alphaverse-Omegaverse -Extraterrestrial Space Matters - Spiritual Journeys