"What looks very much like a carved Martian stone statue head on in this recent Curiosity Rover image. 


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Alien Races - Anunnaki Hybrid DNA

Our DNA seems to have been manipulated in the past by beings that passed themselves off as Gods. In Sumer, the alien race of "gods" were known as the Anunnaki. 

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News bulletin!!...Anthony Sanchez releases his explosive new book, UFO HIGHWAY!!

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Was A Bigfoot Spotted On Taibai Mountain?

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Another Stunning Close Encounter of the Third Kind in La Pampa

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Asteroid Collision Photographed

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Journalists now covering UFOs in serious ways

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NYC UFO Fleet predicted by retired NORAD officer?

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Mystery Object Over New York Causes Rash Of Internet Speculation

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"Inexplicable disappearance of a village in the Qinling Mountains"

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Demons, Cannibalism And A Needful Witchdoctor: John Wilcock’s Occult South American Journey

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October 13, 2010 to December 21, 2012...Clues and Views on Aliens, ETs and UFOs

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Louisiana black triangle case enters 'UFO Witness Protection Program'

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Poussin, Bourdon, Rafael, Titian, and Michelangelo and Holy Grail

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Area 51 Workers' Eligibility For Aid...Its Future Impact On Dulce, New Mexico

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UFO expert reveals spate of sightings around Edinburgh