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Uncanny UFO Videos Over Mexico

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More on the Chicoana Crop Circles in Argentina

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UFO pictured hovering over railway track in Dorset, UK.

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An Alien Abductee's Message to Atheists

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Uncanny Mexico UFO Video

Sobremesa” TV broadcast (Channel 28, Mexico City) during its most recent transmission. The first video was taken by Mr.

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Alien ET Psychic Angel Experience

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M6 Paranormal Crash Report: Man Arrested in Manchester

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Now is the Time for a UFO Sighting

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New UFO Prints in Chicoana, Argentina

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Argentina: New UFO Prints in Chicoana - Video

The strange pictograms appeared on Friday in the Las Mesitas area, along the access road to the town. Local residents expect sightings.

SALTA – Some thirty pictograms in a variety of different shapes appeared carefully outlined in a wheat field along the main road to Chicoana, some 30 kilometers distant from the provincial seat and to the southwest.

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Unknown missile streaks across coastal area near LA

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Abducted by the Fairies?

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Osgodby spectacular UFO filmed near Scarborough in Great Britain

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Psychic medium describes UFO contact, afterlife secrets

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Is Current Flurry of UFO Disclosures Setting Up False Flag Operation?