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At a function in Toronto on November 10 of 2014, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with the future Prime Minster of Canada, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau.


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Extraterrestrials Acceptance Extends Healthy Life Future

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Round UFO takes California witness by surprise in rural Sierraville

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Antigravity UFO, Tesla time travel, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes: four U.S. black ops in 9/11

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UFOs / ET / MIBs - My Close Encounters - Part 2, The True Story Continues

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Alien Predators - Would You Put Our Eggs In One Basket?

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UFO sightings once common in rural Kansas

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Vancouver's TrailriderResearch explores Sasquatch, UFO connections

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The Pros and Cons of Alien Visitation

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"The Poussin Code II - Apocalypse in Arcadia"

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A Book Review: UFO: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record

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Worlds Of Time

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Occult Wisdom of the Extraterrestrials is Engaging!

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An Alien Agenda?

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Well Researched, Shocking Content - SHADOW MASTERS

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Antigravity UFO, Tesla time travel, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes: four U.S. black ops in 9/11

This article is part of an ongoing Examiner.com series on U.S. black budget exotic technologies, their use in the 9/11 false flag psyops, and the consequent impact on humanity’s social and exopolitical future.



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