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Fernándo Távara of the MUFON Perú organization analyzed the original image of an Unidentified Flying Object photographed over San Francisco de Bellocq, which appeared in La Voz del Pueblo newspaper last Wednesday.


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UFO/Objects Captured On Film inKamburgaz


The UFOs, sighted at Kumburgaz, caused great shock waves around the world and were part of the written and visual media from China to Russia and Brazil to Switzerland and will go down in the World UFO literature as one of the most significant UFO sightings. Nearly a dozen of residents at the Yeni Kent compound witnessed these sightings filmed by the night watchman named Yalcin Yalman.

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UFOs Attracted to Springsteen Concert?


Were there UFOs hovering near the recent Bruce Springsteen concert in Philadelphia?

On a sunny and pleasant 75-degree afternoon Saturday, Oct. 4, thousands gathered for the concert in support of Barack Obama. It was held in the heart of the city near the Ben Franklin Parkway.

One of the people at the concert took video of what appear to be four objects hovering in the sky some distance away and at a fairly low altitude.

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UFO caught on film in Canadian brothers' documentary


It may be the first time that a UFO has been captured on video during the making of a UFO documentary. Airing next week on VisionTV's documentary anthology series "Supernatural Investigator" is the Gray brothers' latest film, "The White Mountain Abduction".

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Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial Object

Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial Object. Received an email from Mark Cooper on October 20, 2006. He was wondering if I was interested in watching a video he had taken. This is a very common question that I am asked on a regular basis. But this video was different.

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Drone Caught on Video

The drones arrived in the summer of 2007 and since then the "drone factor" certainly has rocked the UFO world with many reported sightings and in some cases photographic evidence has been brought forward to prove the existence of these bizarre objects. But when you sit down and examine each alleged photograph taken of the drone you can't help but feel that the entire scenario is a little too good to be true.

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Cellphone video of UFO sighting

I had to share this with you....it is so weird. Enclosed herein is a recording of a saucer shape object for your observation and analysis to supplement the UFO sightings and subsequent alien abduction story I sent you on June 22, 2007.

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Was An Airplane Captured By A UFO And Was It Caught On Tape?

The airplane was approaching Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona at approximately 4:15PM MST on August 8th, 2009. We first witnessed the object hovering in a locked position, southwest of the base. You can hear my neighbors if you turn the volume up.

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Black Triangle UFO Video

"What a great shot." These are words Christian Henriquez said to himself as he videotaped a beautiful summer sky. I received this video from Christian Henriquez on December 1, 2006. What's truly remarkable about this particular video is the fact that Christian used his cellphone to record it.

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Amazing UFO That Comes Down And Lights Up

Hi my name is Jamie Havican and the following video of a UFO was captured in Englewood, Florida, on Selma Road by the Englewood Water Plant.

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Video UFO Squadron Over Oakland California

I was alone for the recent video. My wife was in the house. From my own observations on previous nights I could not see these craft without the IR (infrared). In the last video the craft went into the clouds and I lost them. I then heard the jet passenger plane and thought to film it for comparison.

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Prophet Yahweh Video

This is the actual interview Prophet Yahweh had with a Las Vegas reporter. During the interview, the prophet prayed and a UFO appeared and was caught on tape by the cameraman.

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Amazing Exploding Object

Photographer decided to zoom back a bit and include the larger object along with the other upwardly moving object. Within about one minute of my doing so, the larger object explodes (or possibly implodes) and tumbles back to the earth with a shower of debris and smoke. He followed the tumbling pieces for another minute or so until I was not able see any more of it.

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Doraville UFO Crash

Channel 3 Action News report of a Doraville UFO crash incident with actual crash victims. Video cannot be verified and is probably a hoax...but good TV.

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Attacking UFO?

This short clip appears to show an UFO performing a bombing run on some target. Audio seems to come from Eastern Europe country.Probably fake. What do you think?

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Mexican UFO Invasion



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