2012, Ancient Astronauts, Quantum Reality and Human Consciousness

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To comprehend the true meaning of human consciousness, one needs to understand the soul as an eternal voyager in a quantum universe: “this Authentic Self is the part of you that lives before and after this lifetime, that is eternal,” explains Kuan Yin.

Saying in “The Gods Have Spoken: 2012 and Beyond”, “The sense of time in one world is not the same as in another world”, Kuan Yin underscores the existence of multiple reality-platforms. At the close of 2010 scientists monitoring the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) pattern had perceived at least four (lower temperature variation) rings. This would indicate that even before the “Big Bang” at least one other universe has buffeted ours, suggesting parallel universes. Indeed, many cosmologists have previously, through other evidence, hypothesized multiple universes: in other words, a Multiverse. Some of the cosmologists, who’d previously advocated this Multiverse, had also theorized that universes are perpetually ‘budding-off’ from a central core area.

A crucial aspect of the Multiverse theory is its ramifications for the concept of time. Previous beliefs supposed that the Big Bang happened around 13.7 billion years ago. In such a cosmology, the “arrow of time” points forward from there in linear fashion. If there are perpetually ‘budding’ multiple universes, however, there was no ‘Big Bang’, only multiple ‘Buds’ constantly forming. Therefore there is no beginning or end (sequential time).

The Tibetan Kalachakra symbol, sometimes featuring concentric circles (similar to the CMB temperature variation concentric rings) or worlds within worlds suggests that perhaps this knowledge has been available to mankind for centuries on end. Crop Circles (believed by many to be created by UFO’s) also frequently feature a concentric circle motif.

How should we utilize this new scientific knowledge to optimize our lives? A quantum earth means that every minute of every day, we have an opportunity to choose our next step of The Journey from infinite options. So everything from the miraculous to complete disaster is ‘on the table’. You just have to choose what will come next.

In dreams, beliefs and emotions are actually ‘played out’ as myriad probable scenarios. That there exist in and out of time brain-periodicity problem-solving mechanisms suggest that the mind is already primed for evolution and its most expansive outcome.

In terms of 2012, the Hindus and Hopi Indians have always espoused multiple worlds. In Hinduism Shiva and Vishnu are constantly destroying and re-creating all matter. In the Hopi religion it is told that there have been at least three other realities on earth. Indeed there may be evidence for this. The ancient sands melted to glass in the western deserts of Egypt, the three square miles of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, India as well as the destruction of Atlantis may suggest the one-time existence of other, technologically-advanced but now-extinct civilizations.

According to the Hopi, there will potentially be, depending upon our choices concerning crucial issues here on earth, continuation or destruction of this, the Fourth World. Could these religious beliefs be premonitions describing the Multiverse and the existence of parallel realities?

A recently discovered 11,500 year old ancient temple, Göbekli Tepe on the border of Turkey and Syria is impressively big, predating the Egyptian Great Pyramid by 7000 years. Its discovery has virtually rewritten pre-existing concepts of mankind’s cultural evolution during Neolithic Times. It’s complex and precise temple structures and artwork have caused some ancient astronaut theorists to surmise that these structures could have never been constructed by prehistoric mankind.


Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of how the ten ton stones were transported by the supposedly crude technologies available at that time. Rather, were they moved by a more sophisticated species migrating from another galaxy? One thing seems certain. Whoever constructed this complex was firstly compelled to worship an important deity or deities.


From the Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets to the Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids to the stone monoliths of Easter Island, Stonehenge and Carnac France, clues lay all around to our abundant yet mysterious earthly heritage.

The twin ancient underwater cities dwelling beneath the Bermuda and Dragon Triangles tell of mysteries under the sea, as well. However, the greatest mystery of all may be where, as a species, are we destined?

That the Mayan and Egyptian calendars end in 2012 is a source for great speculation on whether this points to political, environmental and/or geological upheavals or simply the end of an era. Many believe that the Mayan Prophecies indicate that 2012 and beyond will usher in a time of peace and harmony. It is said that the Tibetan Kalachakra (the Wheel of Time), revealing the prophecies of Buddha, also tells of an approaching “Golden Age”.

Accordingly, there has been a great deal of interest directed towards December 21, 2012 and beyond. Could this date herald lasting peace on earth or devastating earth changes? The hypothesis that we as a species create cataclysmic events in order to force our own transformations of consciousness is included in some of these theories.

As December 2012 quickly approaches, many wonder what it means for them personally. This point in time marks the conclusion of a b'ak'tun; an ancient measurement representing a great period of years. Used in Central America to chart certain cycles and astronomical phenomena, it is within the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar where this information has been augured. Many other forecasts seem to predict an expansive shift in the consciousness of mankind; a welcomed respite from centuries of war and strife.

One of the greatest mysteries existing on this planet involves the monoliths used to build the great pyramids and temples positioned around the globe. There exist many theories about why mankind would go to such extremes to move these gigantic stones in order to build the above structures.

Some have concluded that the only way any of this could be possible was through acoustic levitation employing some kind of sonic or sound/thought projections. Others wonder if it could even have been our species responsible for such ambitious projects.

Still others hypothesize that in 2012, these massive stone monuments will somehow be activated, becoming crucial energy transformers to help usher in a new and progressive era for the earth and her people.


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