Alien ET TJ on When Aliens Attack and Area 51 Declassified - CIA Cold War

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Alien ET Spirit TJ on When Aliens Attack and Area 51 Declassified

A review on the television show on National Geographic Channel

And A Recurring Dream of Mine

When Aliens Attack was a television show that aired on the National Geographic Channel. I use to only see alien ET UFO type shows on the History Channel. Now, we have more documentaries based on truth and experiences that allow us to share in logic and inspiration for our imaginations.
I enjoyed seeing the “What If” factor that the writers came up with and researched what was available to us on this planet as far as possible defense. We have military assimilations as what we call war games and this allows us to begin working models in scenarios with the various levels of our intelligence communities around the world.
Most will work with each countries military intelligence and defense organizations along with possibly the United Nations. 
I appreciate the advancements we are making with our television shows, which offer not only entertainment but also education. 
One of the important parts of the future will be remembering that the first thing that will happen in our way of thinking is that our satellites will be attacked first which will knock out most all our formal communications.
The fact was mentioned that any aliens who can fly through space and arrive here could certainly defend themselves. The show was based on the scenario that aliens are malevolent and not benevolent meaning our enemies.
That part was one sided but that was due to the title and to share with the viewers the fact that we have been working on alien invasion war games and preparations are real.
Stanton Friedman
Game Changer
Stan has the reputation in the world as being a Game Changer in our Alien ET UFO Community of Believers. Now the likes of Nick Pope shall be joining him with Richard Dolan and others who are speakers at conventions and seminars to spread awareness. 
Vannever Bush
Game Changer - Computers
There are a new breed of men who are researchers and writers that are now sharing more value in life regarding the UFO mysteries and Disclosure. Many already know those who we know of their names and of their claims. Many will soon be joining them as a common part of our new reality. 
There are many people who do know these two pictured men above and many who do not know their stories. It is time we begin knowing anyone who has been involved in the world's biggest show down of sharing past battles for history and truth to be made in the future.
We are going to learn that the CIA public relations will be sharing more while our intelligence community still has their black and covert operations that require billions of our U.S. dollars each year. I personally know that we have to have efforts to defend out planet.
We have to invent knew ways to exist for when our computers and electricity are knocked out on this planet. We must learn to be effective as assisting humanity in times of global cataclysms. We can always share the knowledge that we spend a lot of time and money to learn how to protect our planet and our species. We will always have researchers and authors such as myself who share with visionaries in confirming our obligations to protect the future.
There are many who enjoy the mysteries of life and learning about the "Cover Stories" that are created for classified information to assist in deterring exposure that would be detrimental to national security. We have a history of this protection type since the first wars. We learned from experience that we sometimes have to be inspired to lie to cover up that which could be harmful if found out by those with no need to know. 
Of course, we have natural instincts and part of this is being curious. We all can have a healthy curiosity. There are many ways we create problems so we can create the solutions. This is also part of humanity. It is part of our "Game of Life". 
Many who do not know of the various ways our history shares how we all live on this planet never understand the inner workings and our designs of our humanity on earth.
We at UFO Digest share stories to educate, and entertain. Many of our readers are unsure as to how to take some of our stories. Take them all with a saying we use, "With a grain of salt". Many are clues to bring the future into light!
Nick Pope who was once part of the British Defense Ministry was on the show and has become a friend to many of us in the Alien ET UFO Community including sharing a Facebook connection. He is one of my listed friends whom I support along with Dirk Vander Ploeg, Robert Morningstar, Richard Dolan, Erich Von Daniken, Stanton Friedman, Whitley Strieber and David Duchovney to name some names who are sharing my spiritual intellectual ascension center enlightenment group of friends. 
I do not claim that all are spiritual intellectuals but I also do not share that they are not. I have an open mind when it comes to how other humanoids minds work and think. We can all come to our own conclusions and if aliens attack us each may not think alike and want to share in-group survival. This was also a part of the show. I highly recommend seeing it in the future. I taped it for my husband and it is his choice whether he wants to see how the show was presented for humanity.
We can all learn more about what is available on earth for our defense.
There is some obvious common sense parts of this reality that we should recognize and plan for in the future if aliens attack that are our enemies.
One thing that was pointed out was that they could be simply Robotoids or machines like the computers we use on earth but were created to travel the universe in advance of those who may be searching out for fuel replenishments. These machines were obviously created to collect as harvesters on this particular written show. The basic ideas were similar to that of the “War of the Worlds” however; there were aliens aboard to kill germs and viruses of this planet. 
What I have seen in a recurring dream of my past since I was a child was a very real lucid dream which I will share some parts.
I have not had this dream in a long time and am glad for that. I remember most of it since it use to be a common part of my psyche.
I remember waking up one night inside a home, which must have been mine. I can no longer remember if I was alone or a part of my family when my children were young and we were a family unit in one household. Nevertheless, I shall tell the parts I can remember of the main thoughts.
I see the television is on with that glow that televisions make. I walk across the living room and look out the picture window. I see flying saucers, which are about coming in groups, are low in air space, and lower than our airplanes. They appear close about cloud level. They are unbelievable because I recognize they are not ones I know as friendly. The reason being is at first I am glad to see them of which I am familiar but then I recognize that they are not our benevolent ones. I know they slipped through our barriers of protection for this planet instantly. It is a quick thought in my head and I begin wanting to reach my own spacecraft since I am only visiting this planet to assist in the change of ascension center enlightenment for the humanoid sentient intelligent being species.
I then see a wave that I can see being sent out from the ships and I have a sight that allows me to see the vibrating waves coming like sound waves off of a nuclear explosion or waves that make the ground surge and vibrate. I know these waves are similar to magnetic pulse waves and they knock the television out and all the power at the same time. 
I can see that people are running our of their homes and I wake up.
There is a knowledge that I have about the difference between those who shall assist us as they have done in the past versus those who come to take over our planet. I have something ingrained in my psyche that keeps me aware that this is part of me and my life on earth. 
It is possible that my memories are simply dreams like this one in certain cases however, I am one who has certain instances with others who make these dreams as real as our own reality in an awakened state of mind.
This part of all of us is similar to that which we had explained in a movie we call the “MATRIX”.  I also saw Area 51 Declassified.
<a href=" src="">
Area 51 was developed by the CIA and named by a grid number on a map. It has 25 hangars and the early stories of why it was created during the cold war with nuclear bombs aimed at every major city in the States.
We had Top Secret Control with Secrecy to allow for our technology to advance without our enemies knowing our plans. Area 51 is the most secret air base in the world. Most of my readers know about it and the show has been repeated now three times and When Aliens Attack.
 Many of these pilots were told to know they were cleared by the highest group in Washington D.C. They have an apparatus that knows what you are saying and where you are going. The older pilots that worked on “Ox Cart” and the U-2 plane tell some of their stories. It is most interesting and tells of the Groom Lake basics that are now unclassified. One of the Top Secret Projects was classified as “Aqua Tone”. High altitude pressure suits were needed because one’s blood will boil above 50,000 feet. The pressure suits save the pilots and are tailor made skintight that if a person gains only two pounds once cannot fit into their pressure suit.
When pilots fly higher than men have ever flown equipment is modified and necessary. If losing two pounds would make the suit ineffective. Rumors of the challenges at Area 51 started to swirl and it could have been from the knowledge that these men needed pressure suits from off the base. That plus the sightings by other pilots in air space could have begun the rumors. 
The Cold War armed race of nuclear arsenals was common and growing between the two main countries in size and power, which were Russia and the United States of America. This has since changed. The cover story was that the planes were being used for weather reconnaissance.
Sometimes they would be glimpsed by civilians in the mid-1950’s when the interest in UFOS were at their peak. The sightings could sometimes create confusion and all pilots were told to deny everything. Some called it in and were told evasive comments by ground controllers. This was a time when many lies were used as cover stories. 
This does not negate the fact that alien UFOS exist and that many sightings are not of earth origin. We do know that many are of the military and governments.
One woman who was with finances of CIA was said to visit but all were considered male at this time of the beginning of Area 51. Now both male and female work there. Most people commuted daily from Burbank or Las Vegas and had to catch the plane by 8 A.M…
People’s cover stories were from the men who worked their to the families they had. They had to lie. Some said they worked on televisions at the time and were engineers and some being pilots the families knew it was classified.
It was a strange daily routine and the men had to lie and be noncommittal. 
Paradise Ranch was the name given to the establishment to convince people it was not as bad as it looked. No one that was not needed did not go there. It was tough duty. The CIA needed a certain kind of man to work as quiet warriors. The security screening eliminated those who would kind of show off. The screening of those who will work in classified areas is still used today. We still have Top Secret and higher levels of security these days.
Things change and so do we. The fact that we are being allowed to know more in general on this planet from some who are developing stories as public relations from the military, CIA, and our governments is encouraging for the sake of humanity and learning of the Taboos and Future!
I decided to turn on the two shows and have somehow convinced my husband to watch them although he wants me working and editing his book called “Wolfgang” about one of his own first cases.
I suggest you tune into these two shows if you have not already.

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