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Beautiful Summer Nights Are to Enjoy Not for Tempting the Unknown

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Beautiful Summer Nights Are to Enjoy Not for Tempting the Unknown



image by Edward Fleming
Today was a beautiful day here on Long Island New York. I spent the day outside working in my garden and the early evening grilling hamburgers and enjoying my deck. I could hear my neighbors as they too were outside  happily taking in this beautiful day. Winter now gone I am sure many people will be spending as much time as possible out of doors soaking in the beautiful weather.
Tonight I was sitting in my office sorting through my emails when my phone rang. I was very surprised to find  that the person calling was calling me at all. Years ago when I first started to write about the paranormal I was contacted by a small local Paranormal Group in my area. They wanted me to give a talk at one of their meetings. They also wanted me to join them on a UFO hunting trip to a deserted area on the end of Long Island. I declined at the time and told them it was not wise to do what they were planning to do. My warning was not appreciated and I never heard from them again.
Apparently there had been a change of  leadership in this group and the new man in command was now calling me. He told me he noticed my stories in the last few books of Brad Steigers and once again wanted me to give a talk at the groups next meeting.
I talked to this man for a few minutes to quickly find that although the chain of  command had changed the practices and thinking of the group was the same.
Again it was requested that I join this group on a midnight UFO hunting excursion on a  dark desolate beach here on the Long Island coast.
This invitation was far worse than the last as the location suggested was very close to the same area a serial killer here on Long Island had been discarding his victims remains. On top of this being a dark,  dank horrific site it was suggested I bring my favorite tumbler of alcoholic beverage to make the UFO hunting the most fun possible!
I know it is summer and I know everyone wants to cut  loose and have a good time. I am all for a cook out, a nice glass of wine under a star lit sky however I am not willing to die for a good time- or worse!
I explained to the man that not only would I not be able to join them but I thought they should seriously reconsider their plans. Not only do I not have any desire to hang out near the remains of the dead serial killers dumping site but I have no intentions of offering myself as a willing victim to anything unknown.

Honestly I think it highly unlikely that a visiting alien species would be drawn or interested in a pack of intoxicated fools flashing lights in to the night sky however the fact they pick desolate lonely areas to do these things could make them a target for who knows what .

I reminded the man that the area they were going to for their UFO hunting party was very remote without any lights, people or help of any kind near. It would be them, the ocean and the open sky. It was bad enough a killer was loose in the area- to tempt the unknown as well was simply insane.
Of course as the first time I rejected this invitation . I was told I was ridiculous and a kill joy and other  assorted complaints. I told this man that if he really thought this was a huge fun game he should re think his position. I reminded him that many people who go missing may also have come upon a fate that involved an encounter with the unknown never to be seen again.
I also reminded him that being taken , abused and hurt is not fun, or interesting but traumatizing, many times painful and extremely dangerous. I told him that looking into the eyes of the unknown is far from fun or enlightening  however it is terrifying and life changing- and not for the better.
I could not convince this man that his summer fun was dangerous and foolish. I did fully understand that this group has little interest in real UFO  truth and is like many others using the paranormal for a good time.
After talking to this man I felt a fear run down my spine thinking about the danger so many may place themselves in thinking that things unknown are all fun and games. I wanted to take this time to remind you all that placing yourself or those you in love in danger that could end up in a violent end or worse the end of your time on this earth is not fun or wise to do.  It could end up that  you too become one of the listed missing.  Please when you out enjoying this summer stop and think about what you do.
Summer is a time for fun, sun, beautiful nights and happy days. Please do not place yourself in any situation where you are easy pickings. Alone in open spaces without the protection of other people or lights is always dangerous. It is also a easy way for those who abduct us to do so. Do not ever willingly give yourself up to that which you do not understand. It may be the last time anyone ever sees you.
If you do see something odd in the sky find others to view it with you. If you do find you are facing something unknown do not walk towards it do the opposite and retreat to where there are other people or at least lights.  Remember there is safety in numbers and this rule applies to any encounter you have with the unknown.
If you see a UFO quickly try to find another witness to the event. If you think you see a ghost or hear something odd find others to give your report credibility. Also know it is far less likely you will be harmed or taken if there are other people around. It is of course possible for small groups of people to be taken or experience the unknown but for every added person around the chances of you having a terrible experience with something you know is not human decreases.
Simply use your common sense when it comes to things you do not understand as the unknown remains full of things, beings, and machines we have little or no knowledge or defense against.
We know by way of the millions of reports all over this planet being told to us from the beginning of our recorded history that strange things happen to everyday people all the  time. Do not go looking for trouble you cannot handle. Especially do not do this while drinking or under the influence of anything that retards your instincts and basic survival skills . That mistake could be the last one you could ever make.
Be careful, be smart and for the love of all things human and of this planet pay close attention to your surroundings and stay far away from the boogie man in the  dead of night. He does exist and he loves a willing victim.
May all our summers be filled with warm water to swim in, friends to BBQ with and family to share those star filled nights.

Now I think I will go make a few Smore's over that hot grill.

♥ Copyright © - 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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