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image by Ed Fleming U.F.O.I.I.
Ed Fleming is a  friend of mine who is interested in the subjects considered  paranormal.  Ed also designs many of the   graphics I use for the title images of my articles. 
 Recently Ed and I have been discussing the ongoing expansion of those who waste all of our time by spending endless hours creating fake photos and videos of things they try to present as real sightings and encounters of the  unknown.
I have been writing for a while now about how destructive this nonsense is to the quest  of  finding real answers to  so many unknown questions.  Fighting a cosmos of unexplained subjects is hard enough in a skeptical closed minded society. Trying to make progress in a world of fools spending endless hours creating fake information makes this endeavor for answers nearly impossible. 
Recently Ed sent me a very interesting email concerning his thoughts on the expanding annoying nonsense of  fake photos and videos plaguing the internet.
Below find Ed's email:
"Hi Chris, 
I agree with you that this CGI problem is out of hand.  
During the ten years of UFO research I have been involved with I have found it increasingly difficult to determine authentic UFO photos and videos from those  made by way of CGI. 
There is an enormous amount of fools out there using computer generated images to create phony UFO, ghost, alien, and every other thing imaginable photos and videos via these methods. I guess these people have nothing better to do with their time or lives. 
Some of the people  doing this  truly believe they will gain entry into the Hollywood world . Of course this is a waste of time and energy as Hollywood is full of professionals doing this who are highly trained artists .  A Hollywood or production company contacting  a fool sitting in his basement who made a good fake is the last thing that is going to happen . At this point the population of bedroom sitting fake makers is at most a dime a dozen if not much more. To think this is a ticket to anywhere is simply a childish dream.
Another  reason   for the huge amount of  fakes  out there  is that the Governments of the world are paying people to flood the  internet and media which helps discredit the real UFO photos and videos that are being captured by real witnesses.  Turn it all in to a good cartoon or a movie and everyone  just  brushes it off.
I firmly believe human beings have the right to know what it is that is flying in our skies and interacting with our planet. 
There are those that will do anything and everything to keep that information from you.  I believe  we humans are ready for the truth no matter how disturbing that truth may be.  Thinking this I have to wonder if the discredit theory is one that holds water in the ongoing misery of endless fakes flooding our lives.
 In 1947 our government stepped in quickly to sweep the famous  Roswell Crash under the carpet  The government  quickly  contained  all information regarding this event. Our government   is very good at this!
 I understand that at that time ( in 1947 ) people would have freaked out and mass hysteria and panic would have followed if the Roswell  information was let out to the general public.
I believe now in 2011 times have changed. I do think the public would handle this knowledge without too much upheaval.  It confuses me  why they are still hiding and controlling information.  Are we now being swamped with fake photos and videos by way of our governments to keep the truth from the masses? Can the crushing wave of fakes and frauds in the world of the paranormal be the way to contain and discredit  the real  information that is becoming world known by those who  really see things? 
Of course we do have those who spend endless hours creating these things for attention, fame and who knows what reasons. I simply think of them as immature people looking down the wrong road for what they need.
If you are in need of attention to the point you develop fraudulent stories and create fake photos and videos I think you need to give yourself a good shake and try to figure out why you are doing these things. If you are bored or think this will make you cool  you really do need to look at your life.  
There is only one thing that is done by faking photos and videos or making up fake sightings or alien or ghost encounters. That one thing is that you destroy all hope for all of us to ever discover the truth concerning all these unknown subjects. 
It is as if we are suffocating in our own ignorance and lost in our own private  pitiful needs for attention that we sacrifice the growth of mankind by keeping progress in the  unknown strangled by our own ridiculous behavior.
How can we expect to ever find serious investigation of all the unknowns if we consistently make horses butts of ourselves with  childish actions towards things we really need to figure out

These are all large problems in the  world of UFO investigation as well as all the other paranormal subjects.
 Someday the  truth will be known and then we as a sentient species will progress. Until then we have to take things one step at a time and learn the ability to see through the deception.

Thanks, your pal

Ed Fleming (UFOII) "
I agree with Ed on many of the points he made in his email . I have been aggravated by the tidal wave of Computer Generated Images that overpower the internet and paranormal for years.
I guess those doing it are very naive and lacking in how things happen if they are wasting time doing this in an effort of being 'discovered' . There are so many people doing this that the chances of  finding fame or a job is nil to none. In fact making any money in the world of the paranormal is nearly impossible. Unless you are one of the very few who is already well known your efforts in this area will not find you fame or wealth. If that is why you are involved in this subject matter you have a hard lesson to learn. 
As life would have it I was busy putting together this article when I was sent an email by a very aggressive individual concerning ghostly / orb  activity at their home. The communication was extremely odd. This person claimed to have no computer skills at all . They maintained they were barely able to use their email but would like me to look at the evidence of what they proclaimed was happening on their land. 
This person went about sending me a link to a  very slick professional web site that required enormous computer skills to build. The site was filled with story lines and  photos boasting incredible claims of Hollywood proportions.
 Immediately I felt insulted to think that anyone would feel I was stupid enough to think a non computer using novice managed to develop or have developed by a professional  this slick professional site without having a good handle of their own on using a computer.
 Still I felt it my duty to send the link to two experts in the field of CGI fraud both with a good background in faked photo's.
 Both came back to me informing me  the photos were most likely without question  fakes. Simple lens overlays in their opinions along with other  common effects looked to be used to produce the photos .
Still I  made no definite  determination on this case until the individual began sending me emails filled with not only long attachments but  added graphics so the email was as pretty and slick as they could be. Rather incredible abilities from someone who claimed they never used a computer before and could barely send or open an email.
I have no idea why this person used this strange approach or why they thought an old dog like me would not be wise to such tactics. I have been doing this for years and have learned a great deal about people, the paranormal and the division between the  truth seekers  - and self agenda frauds. 
After the rejection of the experts and odd behavior of this person I did not pursue this report. It was however a text book case of what goes on in the world of the unknown and yet another reason we stay cemented in the dark and dismal with the subjects of the paranormal.
I am sure this person believes they will be the next big book and movie however they may have a great deal to learn as there are a million others exactly like them out there lined up for the same fantasy.
 As Ed  said "It is as if we are suffocating in our own ignorance and lost in our own private  pitiful needs for attention that we sacrifice the growth of mankind by keeping progress in the  unknown strangled by our own ridiculous behavior"
It is not funny or cute or impressive that you can create an image to fool everyone. Big whoop people!  I think the amount of people doing these things proves the point almost ANYONE can produce a CGI. . How about we all grow up and find something else to do and try to allow the serious minded people who really want to get to the bottom of these things  investigate them without destroying their chances?
I have to wonder who at this point if anyone is looking at the avalanche of  junk out there without  realizing most of it is  fake ?  Even those unfamiliar with the CGI craze have brains and can look at an image and question why anyone would present it as real!
How tiresome it is to look through the tons of photos of water marks, camera flash, lens overlays or plain dirt on  the camera used and be told it is a UFO  or ghost. How stupid do we all look to be shown a photo of a blue background with a light shown on it and be told it is a UFO?  
Of course we also have the household objects with a light source shinning on them being presented as a UFO sighting. A new one seen all over the reporting sites is of sea gulls or other popular ocean birds flying while the camera is moved to blur the birds. It may look like a UFO to someone who never saw the ocean or the birds who fly over it. To an old Islander like me it looks like a hundred photo's I have thrown out that I took at the water's edge and by mistake moved and blurred my shot.  Gee if I had kept them I would have hundreds of UFO photo's by now!  Please people stop this . There is too much to learn and not enough time for kindergarten pranks.
We graduate to the sightings without reference. No sky or trees or any objects at all to form a relationship to the object. Come on , please , enough!
The granddaddy or extreme annoyance is the ever favorite  shaking camera UFO shot. Why is it that so many taping a UFO sighting are not able to steady there hand or lean on something to stabilize their taping ability?
Of course there are those who work for hours placing an image over another creating a almost believable video. Some are very good, all are obvious , everyone a step away from our ever knowing what really is going on due to all these idiots muddying the field to the point no one believes anything seen. 
Do I need explain why the people we need involved in the subjects of the paranormal will have nothing to do with it?  
On top of this the subject matter is drowning in false reports, ridiculous stories and sad lonely people looking for somewhere to belong and cling to the paranormal for friendship and personal needs. 
Unfortunately all of it  keeps us tightly rooted in the Dark Ages when it comes to advancing towards the truth of all the subjects we  do now understand. 
Can you imagine how dumb we must seem to those  so much more advanced who do understand the science of the cosmos and are able to traverse space and time. We sit here with our fingers in our noses making another good fake photo with our ignorance leading the way.
Until we straighten up and try to approach the things we do not understand with the idea they are simply science we do not yet know we will continue to  roll around  in our stupidity and remain dumb deaf and blind to the things we need and should be learning .
My real heartache in all of this is how the real stories, sightings and encounters so many good people do have are lost in this mess of nonsense and dung.
I understand fully why so many who have encountered things we do not understand retreat and recoil from sharing their encounters due to the actions of the very people who need to listen and learn.
If we do not ridicule , insult and laugh at those with  real experiences we degrade what they have encountered or witnessed with fakes frauds and insanity.
So yes I agree with my friend Ed. I have no idea how to stop this bleak disaster .. I have no idea how to shake people awake and alert. I give up in that area. 
All I can  do is write the reports I feel have truth so I can bring them to as many as I can . Like Ed I also feel angry at all who keep us deeply lost in the Dark Ages of the unknown and unexplained.   I do not think we should waste our time looking for disclosure or for the aliens to contact us openly until we can clean up our own act. 

The main shame of it all is that you may be the next to find yourself all alone one still dark night looking into the eyes of the unknown. I guarantee you would have wished you had a basket full of knowledge instead of a bundle full of nonsense to help you make it through that very moment!

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