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Curiosity Photos Strange Stone Sphere on Mars

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Christian Macé's picture

Strange stone sphere photographed on Mars Curiosity December 7, 2012

 Above, I indicated by a white arrow where you see this stone sphere is the photo taken by Curiosity December 7, 2012. And I enlarged.

See the photo taken by Curiosity December 7, 2012, and posted on the official website December 11, 2012: 


Sphere curious stone photographed by Curiosity on Mars November 26, 2012. And see the stone spheres in Costa Rica: 


Now making these comparisons between these two spheres of stone located in different places ... Strange, is not it? ... A new Martian mystery!:

Above the sphere of stone photographed by Curiosity December 7, 2012.

For more information and more photo visit Christian's website here: http://ovniparanormal.over-blog.com/article-etrange-sphere-de-pierre-photographiee-sur-mars-par-curiosity-le-7-decembre-2012-113415412.html



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