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Does The Military Have Plans For An Alien Invasion

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By rgray2222

When you see this type of information start to turn up in the mainstream news reports it really makes you wonder about the possibility of a false alien invasion (False Flag). In the event that people started to believe that this was a real possibility it would allow the military to put weapons in space. Numerous people have warned that this would happen, a few of the more notable include Dwight Eisenhower, Wehner von Braun and even John F. Kennedy.


Prof. Paul Springer from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College speaks about strategies for surviving an alien attack.

"Keep in mind that many greatest civilizations in human history have been formed, basically, to counter a common enemy, and you look at some of the great world powers of the globe today, you find that a lot of them have formed because of the fear of the common enemy". – Prof. Springer

False Flag Event Described By Dr. Carol Rosin

Dr. Carol Rosin first met Werner von Braun in February of 1974. It was at this time, shortly before his death in 1977, that von Braun confided to Dr. Rosin the details of this hidden space agenda that had been contrived decades earlier and which would be gradually loosed upon an unsuspecting world during the decades after his death. Inviting her into his office, von Braun stunned Dr. Rosin by describing this agenda, point for point, as well as describing in detail exactly where it was all leading.

According to Dr. Rosin (see multiple videos on YouTube and other sources) Von Braun gave her one critical assignment: to stop the weaponization of space.




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