Fallstreak Holes or Punch Hole Cloud effects

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Fallstreak Holes or Punch Hole Cloud effects

UFO research is a fascinating process. However, one has to be quick at times to identify phenomena that are of know and rational origin.

One such phenomenon, that most people will possibly never experience, is the Fallstreak Hole or Punch Hole Cloud.

It is supposed that a disturbance in the constancy of the cloud stratum, such as that created by a passing jet, may provoke the domino process of evaporation. This causes a bizarre hole to suddenly appear in a cloud.

An amazing image taken by author Pat Regan


Fallstreak Holesappear as a globular or egg-shaped hole in a thin layer of super-cooled water clouds. They may occur where jet flight paths interlace with altocumulus layers.

I first came across this unusual phenomenon at the Southport Air Show.

I had been walking towards the Southport beach over sand dunes to view the performing aircraft when suddenly a passing Red Arrows jet zoomed over my head leaving in its wake an incredible sight. This reminded me of the aftermath of an explosion. It sat in the air, like a massive grey mushroom, for quite some time before disappearing.

At first it would have been easy to shout “UFO” – but later analysis gave the logic answer behind this particular sighting.

Just to be on the safe side, and check that this was not part of a clandestine alien invasion, I ran the photo past Nick Pope. Nick confirmed my instinctive suspicions that this was a known phenomenon, in the form of a fallstreak hole.

Perfect circles that persist for a length of time tend to be quite rare. Therefore my fallstreak hole was quite a beauty.

Many items that initially pass as UFOs can of course be discredited by rational means – it is the small percentage defying logical processes that are the most intriguing.

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