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For well over a decade, abduction experiencers have been discovering, much to their dismay, substances on their bodies post-abduction. Many of these fluoresce under certain types of lighting. The most common spectrum these substances are visible under is the UV spectrum, i.e., a ‘black light.’ In 2003, abduction researcher and professional counselor Eve Lorgen published an article about this particular type of evidence of alien abduction titled Fluorescence Findings on Various Body Sites of Abductees.  Eve Lorgen holds a B.S. in biochemistry and worked in the biotechnology industry for 7 years.

Evidence for Alien Abduction: Fluorescence Body Marks

I encourage readers to visit Eve’s site and read her article regarding these findings and view the images. There are other valuable links included as well. Documenting fluorescence findings along with the tell-tale bruises and puncture marks which are often discovered after an abduction, are small steps people can take to demonstrate the physical reality of the phenomenon. Especially important is sharing this information with dermatologists and others in the medical community.

For the complete article and links to Eve Lorgen’s original research, visit:


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