'Inside sources' say Roswell was extraterrestrial crash

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By Steve Hammons

(This article originally appeared on the Joint Recon Study Group site at http://jointreconstudygroup.blogspot.com.) 


In April 2011 a researcher who claims to be in contact with well-placed former and current officials in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released an alleged statement from his DIA sources related to Roswell.

The report was identified as "Release 35" and was the latest of many such information "releases" posted on the website serpo.org. The series of releases began in November 2005.

This new information about the Roswell case seems to support the overall view of the situation as depicted in certain reliable investigative research as well as in some movies, TV shows and other media.


Below is what the anonymous source had to tell the researcher, according to the "Release 35" information posted on serpo.org:

"Here is the correct information regarding the reported two or three crashed alien craft and sites," the alleged DIA source reportedly claims.

"In 1950, the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) was investigating the UFO phenomenon. The FBI received a classified briefing from USAF Intelligence in 1950."

"During the briefing, the USAF reported that there might have been three flying saucer crashes in New Mexico. U.S. Army/Air Force found three possible crash sites in New Mexico."

"One site was located approximately 40 miles north of Roswell."

"One site was located approximately 10 miles southeast of Corona."

"And one site was near Shaw Mountain, south of the Plains of San Agustin in western NM. The latter site was found in 1949 by some ranchers," the anonymous source reportedly states.

"The first two sites were believed to be two different craft, however, the USAF later determined that the site north of Roswell and southeast of Corona were the same craft, which broke up into two distinct pieces."

"In 1947, another piece of the Roswell craft was found by a rancher east of Corona, along State Route 247."

The alleged anonymous source reportedly goes on to state, "As I have said for many years, there has not been a single book written that tells the true, real story of Roswell nor the other crash site in western New Mexico."

"'Flying saucer' researchers have ignored the real information and relied on outright false or faulty information given by second and third person witnesses."

What happened in New Mexico in summer of 1947?



According to the "Release 35" report on serpo.org, the anonymous source told the researcher more details about the alleged crash at Roswell:

"In 1957, the USAF published a highly classified report that fully detailed all of the crash sites in New Mexico."

"The report lists one crash site for the Roswell craft, but two two different debris fields."

"One being where part of the craft landed north of Roswell and the second being southeast of Corona."

"The second crash site was listed as Shaw Mountain. Alien bodies were recovered at both crash sites."

"The USAF theorized that both crafts collided in midair north of Roswell."

The source goes on to explain the results of this alleged midair crash: "One craft broke up with one piece landing north of Roswell and the other piece landing southeast of Corona."

"The second craft made it west to the area just north of Shaw Mountain where it crashed."

"The first alien craft was found a few days later, but the second site wasn't found until 1949."

"The alien bodies found in the second craft were highly decomposed."

"The first alien crashed craft was taken to Roswell and later on to Wright Air Field in Ohio."

"The second alien craft was taken to Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, where it was carefully examined. It was later taken to Los Alamos Labs where it was subjected to a thorough, highly detailed examination."

"The USAF were able to compare both pieces of the craft from Roswell and Corona and determined it was just one craft. Later, they used the piece found in 1957 to fully reconstruct the alien craft."

"The second alien craft was heavily damaged, but was in one piece,except for small fragments that landed within one mile of the crash site."

"Although heavily decomposed, the USAF and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology were able to determine that both sets of remains were from the same alien species. There were classified as non-humans, but were air breathing life forms."


A second anonymous source, also reported to be associated with the DIA, is also quoted in "Release 35." He addresses the researcher's question about the date of the Roswell crash.

"That is conjecture on the part of the entire intelligence community. Col John Merritt, former chief at AF intel back in the old days – and now long since deceased – was convinced the crash occurred on Saturday, June 14, 1947. That is what many of the early filed reports stated," the source is quoted as stating.

"However, in the mid-'90s, a team of Los Alamos scientists determined the crash date to be around Thursday, June 12 - Tuesday, July 1, 1947. I tend to agree with those dates. There are many factors involved."

"Marcel stated it was about Tuesday, June 24, 1947, but then changed that date several times during later interviews." [Jesse Marcel was the Army Air Forces intelligence officer at the Roswell base.]

"One factor you must remember is that EBE-1 [extraterrestrial biological entity] was alive and found in pretty good shape by the first U.S. Army recovery team at the site where the craft was found. That site was different than what Marcel and Brazel found [rancher Mac Brazel]. They found the debris field. The craft was about one mile away."

"Although it has been years since I had access to that information, I can say this: Based on all of the field reports, the approximate crash date for the Roswell sites was stated as Thursday, June 12 – Tuesday, July 1, 1947. That is based on several factors with the primary ones being radar profiles recorded by the U.S. Army in New Mexico."

These alleged accounts from anonymous sources may be interesting to some people, yet others will discount them as probable fantasy, disinformation or simply more rumors.

It seems clear that the Roswell case still holds the interest of many people and all the details – whatever they may be – have probably not yet surfaced.


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