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Jerusalem UFO orb is genuine, survives MUFON attempt to debunk ET communication

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Alfred Lambremont Webre's picture

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

The January 28, 2011 interdimensional UFO orb that appeared over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has survived another attempt at debunking, this time by Marc D'Antonio, identified as "Chief Photo/Video Analyst" on the website of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

MUFON states on its website, “Founded in 1969, the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated, through its volunteers, to resolving the scientific enigma known collectively as unidentified flying objects (UFOs).”

MUFON expert launches debunking attempt with an obvious hoax video of Jerusalem UFO

MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio launches his unsuccessful debunking attempt in an article published in Ufobriefcase.net

Mr. D’Antonio starts his debunking attempt by focusing on a recently released “sixth” video of the January 28, 2011 Jerusalem UFO event that is itself an amateurish hoax.

The so-called “sixth” video - itself an obvious hoax - can be viewed here:


MUFON expert conflates hoaxed "sixth" video into stating genuine videos are "hoaxes"

MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio then conflates the obviously hoaxed “sixth” video into stating that the first and second videos of the Jerusalem UFO event are also hoaxes.

Mr. D’Antonio states, “For many reasons beyond what I have so far shared, this video [a sixth alleged video of the Jerusalem UFO] and the other Jerusalem UFO Videos are in my opinion hoaxes.”

MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio said, “the two original videos of the event (Video 1 & 2), are both very different from each other and each gives away the hoax by comparison to the other”.

Finally Mr. D’Antonio stated “if the Jerusalem event occurred, we would have lots of other witnesses in the city who would have come forward saying so. Where are they?"

MUFON expert fails to debunk first and second Jerusalem UFO videos

At no point does MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio address the analysis of experts that have demonstrated the first and second videos document a January 28, 2011 interdimensional UFO event over the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock that is genuine.

MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio's unsuccessful debunking of the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO event appears to fall into the familiar category of would-be Jerusalem UFO debunkers. 

One expert stated about such debunkers of the Jerusalem UFO, "All I've seen are CGI videos created by the debunkers of the Dome of the Rock UFO orb video, but no proof the Dome of the Rock UFO orb video is CGI.

"In point of fact, there's a blue street light shimmering to the top right of the screen in the first video of the Dome of the Rock UFO orb video throughout; its not a still picture as the debunkers who would state it is a CGI creation maintain.

"Here is the original video with the blue street light shimmering in the top right.  It shifts to bottom of the screen when the cell phone camera is panned upward.


"The lights from the city also shimmer from various locations in the original video further proving its not a photo."

As of this writing, MUFON headquarters had not returned this reporter’s call to verify that MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst Marc D'Antonio had in fact given this interview.  In the article, Marc D'Antonio is quoted as stating that he “will detail his assessment in the near future on the MUFON website.”


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