Large fiery orange sphere,tues.mar6 2k12.7-03pm.

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Dear Editor, At the above time I was stood at the bus-stop 30 yards.E of my house when I noticed a fiery sphere coming from S at 20-40 mph.,800 feet altitude 50 yards East of me.

Putting my bag on floor I drew out my cam-cord but hadn’t put battery in and 3secs.later switched on but didn’t light-up because I hadn’t pressed hard enough,so missed gem.
However I have filmed many more in past 30 minutes .and uploaded one to you-tube yesterday filmed on 30aug.2k11,rising up about a mile East of my house,at north Earlestown, 19 miles .East of Liverpool,popping back down and reappearing stationary.I zoomed in on it and it lasts for 3 minutes.

I said I WOULD let Dirk Vander Ploeg know when I put anything on you-tube,and it should be on by tomorrow under my name or sooty789 so you can check it out,and I think you'll both be impressed.

Thanks Robert Newton.



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See my vid.on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0027.MP4,,filmed late on tues.30aug.2011.Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,with 122 more vid's.,uncensored,or Google.Robert Newton,19mls.E,of Liverpool.

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