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News bulletin!!...Anthony Sanchez releases his explosive new book, UFO HIGHWAY!!

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News bulletin!!...Anthony Sanchez releases his explosive new book, UFO HIGHWAY!!  

by Norio Hayakawa

Anthony Sanchez, despite all circumstances (his recent devastating personal trauma not withstanding), just released to the public his explosive new book UFO Highway, which includes the entire transcript of the 3-hour DULCE INTERVIEW with an Air Force Colonel.





He says that it is now available, first in e-book form.

Sanchez says that printed versions will come at a later date:

He says that if you have a Laptop, PC, Kindle or iPad you can now own the eBook.
It is in universal .PDF format and is now available.

This seems like a tremendous victory for Anthony Sanchez who has spent months and months to prepare for the release of this fascinating information, despite all obstacles. He sacrificed his personal trauma, especially in the last few days, and made a right decision to share with the public this explosive item that could affect us all.

Norio Hayakawa



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