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North Dakota witness reports low flying UFO

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Roger Marsh's picture

by Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner


A North Dakota witness reports that a silent object "300 to 500 feet" away cast a blue-white light through a living room window and then moved away at a high rate of speed on June 25, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was first drawn to the object when a light shown through a living room window.

"The glow of this object illuminated the area of floor below the window and drew my attention then to the top of the window as the object came into view shortly thereafter," the witness stated.

While the witness states that the object "at its nearest point to me" was 300 to 500 feet, the object was then observed at a distance of two to three miles away and "climbing in an arc toward the Northeast."

"This object did not display any F.A.A. required Lighting configurations. The light intensity did not waver during the sighting. It did not blink, flutter or fade. The object intensity remained constant from all angles during my observation."

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report, which was filed on December 20, 2010. No images or video were included with the report.

North Dakota is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a lower number of UFO sightings. North Dakota had no UFO sighting reports in November 2010 and one report in October.

Article continues: http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/north-dakota-witness-re


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