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Is a Prophecy and secret revealed in the Chartres Mary Magdalene Stained glass window?

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The Chartres Cathedral was constructed in the years between 1194 and 1250. The majority of the original stained glass windows survive intact.The cathedral was consecrated in 1260, in during the reign of King Louis IX. His mother Blanche of Castile had died in 1252 and did not live to see it finished. The Regent Queen had ruled France after her husband's death until St Louis IX was old enough. She ruled France while Saint Louis was fighting the Crusades. A woman running France in the midst of power hungry barons and counts.She ruled and protected France while her sons were fighting or imprisoned during the Crusades. St. Louis trusted her over any other man in France. Blanche was well educated by her father and she passed on this education to her children through their Bibles and Psalters. The books were cherished within the family. In one of Blanche's Pslaters  is an Astrologer, Mathematician, and Astronomer using a astrolabe and compass to plot the movement of the stars. In St Louis's Bible the Great Geometrician (God) is using a compass to create the world. Freemasonry calls him the Great Architect and they use the compass and square as their symbols. St Louis Bible exists today in Toledo for all to see in the cathedral. The sacred knowledge was placed in sacred books and churches and passed down through  families.Chartres was built to house such sacred knowledge and this knowledge is timeless. The building has endured wars, revolutions, and disasters over the centuries.

Blanche Castile Psalter with Astrologist Mathematician and Astronomer
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St Louis Bible of the Great Geometrician
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Chartres is an amazing sacred church. A labryinth is seen on the floor and many walk its sacred path to spiritual enlightenment. On a pillar the Ark of the Covenant is shown on a cart at Chartres. It is this pillar that has many speculating that a legend which tells that  Crusaders brought the Ark of the Covenant back to France from the Holy Land.

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In Chartres the stars are important and the Zodiac is found on a pillar. The stars were sacred and their movements carried knowledge of a person's future. The Zodiac told people when to plant crops and harvest them. The stars appear to be six pointed like the Star of the Seal of Solomon. Blanche Castile and St Louis IX believed the stars could reveal the future. Astrologists were called on to make a star chart for some of the royal family members.

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Mary Magdalene has her own window at Chartres. The Mary Magdalene window  depicts her life story. The French oral tradition of Mary Magdalene coming to France in a boat.  I will point out to the viewer of the stained glass below on the link that Mary Magdalene is carrying something. It is not a bottle but appears to be something important under her arm. We know now that the Nag Hammadi Scrolls existed and I wonder did she bring her Gospel(teachings) with her. The legend talks about her preaching and conversion of the inhabitants of Provence. The Gospel of Mary is found in the Berlin Gnostic Codex dating back to the 4th and 5th century. Many stories and legends talk about things brought back by Mary Magdalene from her journey and it appears the Capetians may have believed she did bring something back with her. She is carrying something pure white close to her  under her arm.
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A prophecy possibly exists within the illumination of the stained glass windows. Mary Magdalene was called in the Middle Ages in the latin  Apostola Apostolorum. She is called The Apostle to the Apostles. Hippolytus uses the Song of Songs in the Bible to explain her faithful instruction by Christ to tell his Apostles what she saw and places this title on her. The Stained glass window at Chartres dating back to the 13th century demonstrates this. She stands with the Apostles.  Queen Blanche of Castile and her grandmother Queen Eleanor of Acquitaine knew that women's role in society needed to evolve. On top of Mary Magdala's stained glass window is the zodiac sign of Aquarius the water bearer.

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The water bearer sign on Magdalene's Stained glass window at Chartres  for Aquarius

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We are enterring the Age of Aquarius and leaving the Age of Pisces in the precession of the heavens. A newly discovered Codex by Karen King of Harvard has been found and awaiting verification of the Gospel of Jesus Wife. If verified the document would be added to the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, and Gospel of Mary which enhances our view of the Gnostics beliefs. It doesn't suprise me the connection of Mary Magdalene to the waterbearer for her symbolism often is her carrying a jar like the waterbearer of Aquarius. The Age Aquarius heralds in the news of role of women in the early church and how their roles may change in the future  to a equal place under the eyes of God. It was during St Louis's reign that the Cathars were exterminated and one wonders what Cathar treasures were obtained.The Inquisition  used torture and death to find these treasures. The Templar's arrest to obtain their treasure is an example. We are finding that suppression of the Gnostic Gospels especially ones associated with Magdalene were suppressed. It seems that the French Oral Tradition of Mary Magdalene coming to Marseilles in a boat and the legend she brought something with her has possibly been placed in the stained glass windows of Mary Magdalene at Chartres. Could it reveal the secret that Magdalene brought her Gospel and teachings with her on the boat. Magdalene is said to have converted the people of Provence. It is a miracle that the 13th century stained glass still remains to tell their stories illuminated by the sun. Chartres was built to endure time. Is a possible prophecy that during this Age of Aquarius women will have a stronger voice in the future of Christianity. It maybe based on the fact that Jesus instructed Magdalene as well as his disciples. Blanche Castile recognized that women could be educated along with men and it was essential for they protected the land while the men were fighting.  Women's votes and rights have an increasing influence on elections around the world. Will we see the verification of more evidence that many Gnostics believed Jesus had a wife? We enter the Age of Aquarius and according to the Chartres window this could be a major evolution in the church and for mankind.  Mary Magdalene's importance seems to have increased over time in awareness of her role in the past and women's role in the future church is changing. Did St Louis and Blanche Castile know the day that the secret Magdalene's Gospels would be found in the coming Age of Aquarius.What a fitting place to place this prophecy in Notre Dame Chartres which means Our Lady of Chartres built in honor of a woman.  Is it a coincidence or prophetic? Time will only tell.

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Mary Magdalene is carrying something with her when she arrives from the Holy Land?

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