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Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

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Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

By Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Road #414
Canton, MI 48187-2075
May 2011, 384 pages, US $19.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-57859-333-0
Adobe ebook ISBN: 978-1-57859-364-4
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-57859-365-1

Reviewed by Brent Raynes  

This is another future Steiger classic that focuses upon the controversial and complex alien abduction and contactee phenomenon. Due out in May, it contains about a hundred photos and illustrations, detailing over 300 examples of alien being encounters, exploring the theories and evidence behind this staggering global enigma. From George Adamski to Betty and Barney Hill, and many cases and testimonials collected themselves, the database is extensive and global. The timeline goes from modern accounts to ancient ones, adding thought-provoking evidence and speculation, reviewing what is commonly called the “ancient astronaut” theory.


One fantastic review for a book that's not even out yet!

A great book for newcomers, bringing them quickly up-to-speed on the alien encounter phenomenon, while a handy reference guide, with updates, for the seasoned ufologist.  

If you would like more information on Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger' new book simply click on its title: Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds You can also pre-order this book from amazon.com.



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