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Space Debris May Be Responsible For Recent UK Meteor Reports

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Latest claims on the weekend’s UFO 999 reports indicate that a disintegrating satellite may have been responsible for the sightings. Experts believe that the debris would most likely have burnt up before landing on the earth.

I was kindly featured in the Liverpool Echo (as above) newspaper by top reporter, John Siddle, with my own eyewitness description of the event. I tend to keep an open mind of what the exact nature of this object was. I was initially advised by Merseyside Police that it was a “meteor shower.” That seemed highly implausible as the entity was large and single in nature. I expressed to the police that I did ‘not’ buy into that particular explanation.

No, whatever it was remained as one ‘singular’ large flying object with a sparking tail of various colours that I witnessed hurtling towards the Irish Sea. Perhaps it landed in the dark waters – who knows? The local Mersey and Ribble estuaries are no stranger to inexplicable UFO sightings. I have logged many of these in my book – ‘UFO: The Search for Truth’

Until someone can produce a piece of hard evidence the book will remain open as to the exact identity of what crashed through the English skies on 21 September 2012.

I have a feeling that many enthralling theories on this UFO (and the one seen last March) will run and run for quite some time to come. It is good also that the UK Press are watching the skies, especially as the MoD has now closed its UFO monitoring facility...


NB. Story now also in the Southport Visiter news series: 




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