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UFO Digest Newsletter August 16, 2012

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This week, I would like to thank Scott Corrales who has faithfully continued contributing articles from Spanish speaking countries for years. His weekly contributions have included sightings and alien abduction stories. Visit his website at: http://inexplicata.blogspot.ca/. This week he contributes an article concerning cattle mutilations. Radio host Kevin Smith writes about the object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Then Sean Casteel pens UFOs, Demons Dogs and the Rendlesham Forest Connection and then wonders about contacting friendly ulta-terrestrials! Diane Tessman's thoughts about a phantom on Mars. Next, Chris Holly investigates Plum Island and Camp Hero. Mary Alice Bennett updates us on a specific crop circle. Then Pat Regan reports on his sighting of an UFO near a hot air balloon. Carolyn Shield writes more about Mary Magdalene and Michaelangelo. Starbrite A. Sparkles reports on alien life and Gaia. Author Frank Carlon writes about a family abducted by aliens and Will Grabowski reviews Mothman and UFOs... We have more new articles on UFO Digest now. Enjoy Dirk.

Seek and Find: The Truth About The New Image by Kevin Smith. Everyone on the Earth is, by now, familiar with the story of the anomalous Baltic Sea object discovered by Peter Lindberg and team last year. Lindberg and team never said the object was a UFO, but internet gurus did, and the media performed with usual inanity and picked up on the "it's a UFO" craze. However, Lindberg and team never made that claim. More...

UFOs, Demon Dogs and the Rendlesham Forest Connection by Sean Casteel.. It's all here wrapped up in one large format, fully illustrated, package to while away the late night hours and it's likely to knock your socks off and scare your pants off, as it has done to many over the course of countless centuries. They are the demon dogs from hell, the huge black canines with blazing red eyes that haunt country lanes, and the phantom hounds that are regarded by some as Satan's personal minions. More... Also read: Testing One, Two, Three... Establishing Contact With Your Friendly Ultra-Terrestrial

Two More Questions: A Phantom on Mars? Another Explanation for Fantasy-Prone Abductees? by Diane Tessman. Early this morning on ABC's morning news program, there were two photos taken by Mars Rover Curiosity. The first one showed a strange phantom directly in front of Curiosity. They showed it only briefly but I think I am correct in saying it was at least the size of a human or larger, but it is difficult to know what the scale is. It looked like a formless ghost, not solid but a definite misty composition. More...

Paranormal Investigations of Plum Island and Camp Hero by Chris Holly. I am still on summer vacation and enjoying every minute of it. We spent a day visiting Montauk Point located on the end of Long Island New York. It is a beautiful coastal area full of beaches looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. The areas I was interested in spending time visiting and talking to the locals about near Montauk Point were Plum Island and Camp Hero. More...

Crop Circle UFO Lights Update by Mary Alice Bennett. There have been some interesting responses to last week`s article about UFO lights appearing to a crop circle photographer: "I think we have witnessed the same thing... I Was down Alton Barnes onthe 27th and the 28th of July for an all night crop circle vigil.. on the 28th the Sunday night we had been in a group at the top of golden ball hill, then made our way down to a crop circle , at St. Bernard .. it`s the one that has been made I think in several stages.. however when we arrived at the field, there was a bright diamond shaped light, which appeared to have as light tail to it moving slowly away until it had vanished.. there were pictures taken but I didn`t have my camera on me at the time.. THE IMPRESSION it gave me was that it had been waiting for us to arrive there.. contact me if you need any more info." More...

Mass Cattle Mutilations in Formosa Argentina by Scott Corrales.. AWe had barely emerged from the commotion caused by cases in Entre Rios when news of a mutilated calf found in Formosa caught our attention. We are facing a case that suggests many others being hitherto concealed, due to cattlemen’s fear of being exposed to public scorn and ridicule. More...

Arecibo Observatory Beamed WOW! Reply Message Into Space from National Geographic.Com.. A couple months ago, we asked our viewers to submit their responses to the Wow Signal. Now, it's time to send those responses back into space. Visit thewowreply.com for more information. More...

Lancashire: UFO Close to Hot Air Balloon by Pat Regan. The time was approximately 8.00 pm on 10th August 2012. The weather was serene with relatively clear skies, holding only a few wispy clouds. I was fishing along the old canal at Scarisbrick in Lancashire with my 9 year old son when we spotted a hot air balloon gracefully rising over the trees. More...

Mary Magdalene, Lost Michaelangelo, and the Lost Da Vinci by Carolyn Shield.. I last reported on the discovery of a Lost Da Vinci painting discovered by Fiona McLaren. She has written a book on her research of the painting called Da Vinci's Last Commission. Her article can be linked here below and to see her Lost Da Vinci painting http://fionamclaren.co.uk/davinci.html More...

The Search and Struggle to Define Alien Life Form From Gaia Earth to Saturn's Moon Enceladus by Starbrite A. Sparkles. In 2001, a thousand scientists at the European Geophysical Union meeting signed the Declaration of Amsterdam, starting with the statement, "The Earth System behaves as a single, self-regulating system with physical, chemical, biological and human components." In the beginning, Chaos, was a confused, shapeless mass from which the universe was developed into a cosmos or harmonious order in Greek myths. More...

A Family of Unconventional Explanations - Part One by Frank Carlton. Embarrassing! It is one word but it applies so succinctly to my reaction to a complete inability to assist one family which had observed multiple UFOs near Fort Lee, Virginia in February of 1999. After experiencing an enormous number of run-ins with UFOs and other unknowns, I decided to join a prestigious organization dedicated to studying the UFO phenomenon. This organization just happened to be MUFON, the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object(s) Network. Accolades abound concerning its no nonsense approach to investigating UFO sightings and potential abductions. More...

Mothman Redux: PART 1 by William Grabowski. I think it's a fair assumption that UFO Digest readers are familiar–-perhaps overly so–-with the events that occurred between 1966-1968 at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, regarding "Mothman, UFOs, Men in Black", synchronicity, and literally the entire spectrum of psychic phenomena. This article, though based on extant material, will not be a simple rehash. I realize such a claim sounds impossible, but it isn't. While I cannot guarantee to have reviewed all published pieces, I am confident that I've come close, since much crossover exists in the data. More...

How Much Would Things Change by Ron Murdock. I imagine it would be quite the shift in attitude once we make contact with life forms from other planets. I'm not saying it hasn't happened, it just may not have been made public knowledge. Like I've mentioned before who knows what NASA hasn't made public with information they have. I could think that most of humanity could be accepting of extra-terrestial contact but my main concern whether it would be peaceful or war like. More...

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