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UFO Digest Newsletter July 5 2012

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And the heat continues...welcome to this week's UFO Digest newsletter.  We start with an article by Diane Tessman about Atlantis, Easter Island, the Mayans and Higgs Boson. Next, Johanne Robichaud attends a presentation in Toronto featuring George Noory (coast to Coast AM), Michael Cremo and Stanton Friedman. Read her interviews. Then Carolyn Shield connects crop circles and Leonardo Da Vinci. Peter Fotis Kapnistos writes about the Roswell Spin-Doctor. Pat Regan discusses UFOlogy as a new religion and is interviewed by the BBC! Neil Gould (Mufon) interviews Billy Meier's son. Starbrite A. Sparkles connects the stars of connectivity. Roger Marsh has 3 UFO reports and Kevin Smith writes about Patty Yu and 'Thrive'. Scott Corrales files a UFO report from Spain. Paul Shishis reports on UFOs at a Tragically Hip concert and finally I publish a UFO report from Wabush, Labrador. There are many more news on the website. Enjoy Dirk

Of Atlantis, Easter Island, the Mayans, and Higgs Boson by Diane Tessman. It's been a week of exciting, dynamic 2012 events! I made a prediction back in the early 1990s that archeological discoveries in the final phase of the Change Times would be landmark events that would answer long-unanswered questions. More...

July 1 2012 Cropcircle at Waden Hill Avebury and Leonardo Da Vinci by Carolyn Shield. On July 1 2012 a crop circle formed at Walden Hill at Avebury. The crop circle pattern was a triangle with flower of life symbols with in it. The triangle contains four levels. The first level contains only one flower of life. The second level contains two flower of lifes. The third level contains three flower of lifes and the fourth level contains four.It reminds one of Pascal's triangle. It holds what Pythagorean called the "Perfect Numbers". One was for reason, two was for opinion, three for harmony, and four for justice. More...

The Roswell Spin-Doctor by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. The spin-doctor drove into Roswell from an undisclosed government location. He had less than 24 hours to remedy a hastily dispatched news report and to re-write modern history. More...

Mystical UFOlogy - The New Religion by Pat Regan. Historians and various academics deal with the logical and mundane level of existence. This is fine, yet it is also a highly restricted worldview and not one that ever really enjoys the prospect of dissent. The boffins dig out the past with their shovels, place it under the microscope and give us their professional, commonsensical theories on what is what and what came from where. We trust them unconditionally, because that is what we are indoctrinated to do. More...

Son of Alien Abductee Billy Meier Exposes FIGU by Neil Gould. Founder of Exopolitics Hong Kong, Neil Gould interviews "Methi Meier", the son of "contactee" Billy Meier in response to an open letter that he published on his blog exposing a long running family feud. More...

Connecting The Stars Of Connectivity Leads To A Direct Path To The Arising Global Consciousness by Starbrite A. Sparkles. To quote Carl Sagan, "We are ‘star stuff’ exploring the stars." Its been inferred that life is the information pathway by which the universe achieves self-awareness and explores itself, including new modes of creativity and beauty. More...

Second Sun Described as Bright UFO by Roger Marsh. Two Michigan witnesses driving along I-94 in Van Buren County reported photographing a bright object in the sky that gave the appearance of being a second sun. More... Also read: Did You See Four Extremely Bright Lights Over Burbank? Also read: Seven states report 283 UFO Cases in June

Patty Yu Wants You to Thrive by Kevin Smith. Her name is Patty Yu and she is not only a beautiful and talented young actress, she is a also a beautiful person who is plugged into some very deep truths about our universe. I met Patty in Los Angeles where I was speaking at a conference. I won't pretend I ignored her beauty, but I am going to tell you that behind that beauty is a phenomenal mind and a heart that beats for everything positive and lifegiving for mankind around the world. More...

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George Noory Event with Michael Cremo and Stanton Friedman by Johanne Robichaud. The familiar electronic theme music for Coast to Coast AM resonates through the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Saturday night, June 23rd in downtown Toronto’s CNE grounds. On walks George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, with a great round of applause. The voice that is heard on Talk Radio 640AM is rich, round, and creamy. Sounds very sexual doesn’t it…but it is not a late night sex show; but a talk show about the paranormal. Coast to Coast AM is well known to late night listeners of the bizarre. More...

A UFO Over Gran Canaria, Spain by Scott Corrales. An eyewitness to the sighting of the unidentified flying object reported over Gran Canaria has assured this newspaper that it was "very large, round, surrounded by lights, and projecting a powerful light toward the ground." She was able to see the device "clearly" despite being at the wheel of his vehicle. According to the same source, remained suspended and quiet for a considerable period of time over Barranco de El Aguila in southern Gran Canaria. The slight fog at that time of the morning caused cars to travel at a slower speed than usual, giving her the chance, as she said "to see it clearly." More...

BBC Interview With UFO Author/Researcher Pat Regan by Pat Regan. I was today, 29 June 2012, interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria regarding the following survey. More than half of Britons (54 per cent) want to know if aliens exist. "Do aliens exist?" is the scientific question that Britons most desire an answer to, a survey has suggested. "Will a cure for cancer ever be found?" and "Does God exist?" are also high on the agenda, the poll suggests. More...

Brilliant Orange UFOs Witnessed Over Burl's Creek after Tragically Hip Concert by Paul Shishis. Well there was quite a spectacular UFO sighting on July 1st ,2012 in Orillia, Ontario. I must say I have heard and viewed of UFO footages during Rock Festivals worldwide. More...

Mysterious Red Lights Hovering Over Wabush, Labrador by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Publisher's Note: A really interesting story was published today on www.cbc.ca. In its Newfoundland & Labrador edition a woman, Kathleen Dyke, says she was dumbfounded by a "series of mysterious red lights she saw hovering in the sky near her home in Wabush around 11:45 p.m. on July 1." Article continues below please read! Dirk More...

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Of Atlantis, Easter Island, the Mayans, and Higgs Boson by Diane Tessman. It's been a week of exciting, dynamic 2012 events! I made a prediction back

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