UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor

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Are we heeding UFO warnings?  

Another earthquake hits Cumbria, following several predictions by UFO author, Pat Regan 

Over the past few months I have written extensively about the strange relationship between earthquakes and UFOs that have been seen on a worldwide basis, before and during tremors. 

Over in Cumbria UK I have accentuated the increased UFO activity before earthquakes. 

In 2009 a quake occurred in the Ulverston area. On Tuesday 28th April a 3.7 magnitude earth tremor hit Cumbria, which was centred on Ulverston; the reports starting coming in soon after 11.00 am.

TV reports also stated that the earthquake was felt in Lancaster, Fleetwood and other areas within Lancashire.

UFO – a warning of earthquakes


I had in fact also previously warned on YouTube about this situation and the possibility of more tremors

UFO sightings before earthquakes by Pat Regan


UFO - Are We Being Monitored?


I also highlighted the possibility of more quakes in recent radio interviews.  

The Yuletide Earthquake of 2010 

Apparently, my forewarnings have been well – placed as Cumbria has now, in December 2010, just had a ‘new’ earthquake. 

I was initially alerted to this situation late on the night of 21st December, via a telephone call from my good acquaintance, Coast Guard Officer, Paul Harrison. Paul excitedly conveyed the story of this latest U.K. earthquake which had occurred only minutes prior to his call. 

Press reports stated that the British Geological Survey established that an earthquake of local magnitude 3.5, the term seismologists prefer to the Richter scale, took place soon before 11.00pm on 21st December 2010. This centred on Coniston in the Lake District. Local people heard noise like an explosion, followed by a rumbling reverberation. 

Shock waves from the quake were felt along Cumbria's borders with Scotland, Lancashire, Northumberland and North Yorkshire. Let us just hope that a more serious and potentially damaging quake is not on the cards herein. 

Again, these localities have experienced heightened UFO activity during previous months. 

The UFO/Earthquake mystery continues.  

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Short video by author Pat Regan about UFO



Pat Regan on MSNBC Today Show with TV Anchor, Dara Brown:  


BBC Radio Cumbria interview with presenter, Kevin Fernihough. Kevin’s discussion with Pat Regan can be accessed at 1:45.04 on the following BBC page link.


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