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Publisher's Note: I found this review of of Nigel Watson's book 'UFO Investigations Manual: UFO investigations from 1982 to the present day' and thought I'd share. The review appeared on the Ringside Report website (http://ringsidereport.com/) and was written by Geno McGahee. It is short but a good read. Dirk
UFOs and alien visitations make up one of the most popular belief systems in the world today. It is one of the most important questions about the universe and beyond. Are we alone? It doesn’t matter where you stand on this topic or how you view the evidence and theories surrounding it. The fact of the matter is that this is one of the most popular topics of debate and one where nothing can be conclusively proven, but there is a great deal of evidence that when compiled paints quite the picture.

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In UFO INVESTIGATIONS MANUAL: UFO Investigations from 1892 to the Present Day by Nigel Watson, we have one of the best books concerning the topic to date. It is much like a text book and the approach strays away from the sensational and focuses on what we know. It traces the history of recorded sightings, where to look for UFOs (the hot spots), various theories and alternative explanations and much more. If you are interested in learning about this topic and researching it, this book is a great step forward in your journey.
There is really no stone left unturned here. The Sasquatch and shape-shifters are also discussed and the link to aliens and extraterrestrial visitation. Alien abduction, Nazi saucers, and how to report a UFO sighting along with the needed information in order to be taken seriously is given. Nigel Watson needs to be given a great deal of credit for putting this book together. The information along with the incredible amount of historic photographs and illustrations makes this a must own. I am proud to add this to my bookshelf.
In UFO INVESTIGATIONS MANUAL: UFO Investigations from 1892 to the Present Day is a big winner. All of the information that you need concerning aliens and UFOs are in this book. It is more than a one time read. It is a reference book that is as complete as can be and no matter where you stand when it comes to alien visitation, you will find this book very interesting. I highly recommend it.
For more information or to purchase this book through AMAZON.COM simply click on its titile: UFO Investigations Manual: UFO investigations from 1982 to the present day
In UFO INVESTIGATIONS MANUAL: UFO Investigations from 1892 to the Present Day info:
Author: Nigel Watson
Format: Hardcover, 176 Pages
Item: 215638
ISBN: 9780857334008
Publisher: Haynes Publishing
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