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UFO in the sky Over Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic

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Christian Macé's picture

By Christian Macé
UFO Digest European Correspondent

UFO in the sky of Las Terrenas, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic, this Friday, January 7, 2011, from 30 am 4-H ... : :

The photo here is a view of Las Terrenas

Call for witnesses ...

We just received this email at the moment from our Lecturer, to whom we extend our warmest thanks. I'll ask if I can get the pictures and put them online:

"Bonjour M. Mace, "Hello Mr. Mace 

Let me write you because I attend with my spouse since very early this morning was a phenomenon that until now I did not believe! 

I took my binoculars hunting for the certtitude to see more! 

It has been nearly 1:30 as we see already that light bigger than a large star and therefore very visible to the naked eye! 

We suppose it's a UFO! 

We live in Dominican Rep. and more precisely in Las Terrenas, Samana Peninsula. 

Since 4:30 am (01/07/2011) time at which our dog wanted to go out to his needs ... my friend woke me to see this thing that shone abnormally in the sky in front of the house in the sky clear and starlit. 

We observed different phases, different movements, ... 

We took pictures! 

Out of curiosity, I immediately took my computer to do some research on the phenomenon in question. I wanted to know if other people had also witnessed this here in the Dominican Rep.. 

Apparently this was the case in La Vega, a few days ago that!  We are sure of what we saw, similar forms to what I just saw on various websites dealing with this subject.

I am very moved because unfortunately a lot of people like me before do not believe or do not want to believe in UFOs! 


Thank you for what you do, good luck. 


MR ". MR.

Our Friend Mary R. Lecturer of The Dominican Republic has just sent 14 pictures of the UFO seen in Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic January 7, 2011. Mary adds that "unfortunately, more visible to the naked eye or through binoculars. My friend has a picture of a hundred photos from 4:30 am until dawn or until 6:44 am as you can see from the photos with coconut trees. ".


Many thanks to Mary and her beautiful friend for the UFO below. In the succession of pictures, we can see the transformations and movements of the UFO:

UFOs in Dominican Republic:

http://www.over-blog.com/recherche/recherche-blog.php?ref=1053616&query=ovnis+r% C3% A9publique Dominican +  

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