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Definition of Metabolism, UFOs and Aliens in 2013

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UFOs are described as unidentified flying objects in the sky. No one can say for sure what UFOs are. Or can they? We will take a look at eyewitness accounts where people share their real life experiences of UFOs and aliens. The UFO phenomenon cannot be ignored. Public Officials and scientists are once again facing a new wave of interest from the public about these unexplained events. Everyday people are documenting their extraordinary and often terrifying footage of mysterious UFOs flying on a regular basis, almost undetected in our skies.

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Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture
Publisher's Note: Through Google News I have again gleamed an article that I thought would be of interest to our readers. It was written by MAKANDAL and published on the Society and Religion website. Enjoy.
This might stretch us to long philosophical discussion so let us supposed alien life is a self replicant, able to evolve and self-sustainable chemical process (what is called metabolism).
Some biologists are still arguing to know whether metabolism or self replication came first. Metabolism needs proteins, self replication need nucleo-acid.
To have life on another planet is more than likely. We think it is a question of few years before we will be able to observe it. However, the public will probably be very deceived.
Now, if you observe the bulk of ‘life’ on earth, it is mainly bacteria. With the discovery of nanobacteria and the nanobe (this is a very strange hypothetical form of life living within rocks), this is more than likely than an alien form of life will tend to be microscopic.
Regarding a larger type of life, it is very difficult to predict what could be found.
We don’t believe that any form of living will be like on earth. The multiplication of coincidences in evolution tree to bring a fish, a tree, a bird, a mushroom or a human to have this shape is so big that there are no chance at all to get something like us, even nearer.
Intelligent life? Yes, as intelligence is a way to adapt to a quick changing environment, like a salmon or a lizard are ‘intelligent’.
But do life really need an intelligence like human? Or are we an abnormality of evolution, a crazy accident, a curiosity? We just would like to remind you something.

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