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UFOs & Nukes Researcher ROBERT HASTINGS Refutes Debunker

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UFO Researcher ROBERT HASTINGS Refutes Debunker Skeptic James Carlson

A Public Statement

By Robert  Hastings

James Carlson continues to call all of the USAF veterans who confirm a UFO presence at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 liars and/or frauds. By attempting to discredit these courageous men, some of whom spoke out at my September 2010 press conference in Washington D.C., Carlson only comes across as ever more delusional, except to those so
negatively-biased against the UFO reality that such rants seem reasonable.

Those not yet duped by Carlson, who wish to view the full press conference and hear the facts directly from the individuals who were aware of the UFO incursions at the time they were occurring, may do so at:


Those wishing to hear, via audio links, what Carlson's father's deputy missile commander, Col. Walt Figel, actually told Bob Salas and me about the Echo Flight incident may do so by reading my article "The Echo/Oscar Witch Hunt" at:


Unlike the guys with backbone--the ones who participated in the press conference -- Figel has been back-tracking in recent months.  Fortunately, his more candid moments were caught on audio tape years ago and the world can now eavesdrop on his confessions.

My "Witch Hunt" article also has a pdf image of Boeing engineer Robert Kaminski's letter to researcher to Jim Klotz, in which he says that no prosaic cause for the Echo Flight shutdowns could be found once his investigation took place, despite earlier speculation about equipment issues being responsible.

Kaminski, who headed the incident investigation, also says that he received reports from other Boeing personnel on scene of UFOs being present at the time of the incident--something that Figel also confirms, thereby contradicting the many lies James Carlson tells about the colonel's initial comments to researchers.


The good news is that the very favorable, amazingly objective coverage of the "UFO-Nukes Connection" that has recently been generated worldwide, as a result of my press conference, is a thousand times greater than that received by Carlson's pitiful posted fantasies. He and his ilk are badly outgunned at the moment, something that is
probably destined to continue.

By the end of this year, my book "UFOs and Nukes" is scheduled to be published (in one form or another) in French, Portuguese, Japanese and possibly German. The word about UFOs' interest in nukes is spreading rapidly around the globe and Carlson can't
do a thing about that, although he will spew a million more words trying.





ROBERT HASTINGS on "Larry King Live!"




By Robert Hastings




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