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White UFOs Witnessed and Filmed on Easter Sunday Over Oshawa,Ontario

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By Paul Shishis

On Easter Sunday afternoon, March 23,2008, I was walking my dog through the park in western Oshawa bordering Whitby,Ontario. I looked up to the north in the clear sky and noticed a white angel shaped object high in the sky.
The altitude would be a guess between 10-20,000 feet.
It appeared to be moving straight up!
After about 20 seconds grabbing my camera from my pocket.
I took three pictures, as it moved higher out of range with the naked eye.


Then about one minute later to the north about half a mile away. 
I noticed a white trail moving across from the west much lower. Again I stopped and took five more pictures to capture the moment.
Still watching the movement on a straight flight path. The trail stopped in the direction to the east some 1000 yards across the sky. Then continued producing a trail once again heading east.

Article continues here plus additional photo analysis: www.ufodigest.ca


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