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This week Nick Pope asks in his monthly column, What's In a Name, meaning why do we have so many names for UFOs. Next, Sean Casteel reminds me of my childhood and the writings of Rampa...good read.
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Stewart Hill has looked into some mighty strange things, like the South Bend man who, at age 12, was abducted by aliens while he was taking out the trash.
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the sun may cause us severe problems over the next few months. We all need to prepare. Always in life better safe than sorry~
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Multiple Multicolored Lights Filmed Over Northern Whitby, Ontario

This extraordinary footage has been passed along to confirm another multiple UFO sighting over Northern Whitby, Ontario. This spectacle occurred on July 26th ,2013 at 10:10pm.
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Brazilian MoD Discusses UFOs With Ufologists!

Something absolutely extraordinary and unprecedented has hapened yesterday in Brazil.
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When Will It End?

Well we made it through another end of the world prediction when December 22, 2012 arrived. I think in this case the Mayan Calendar was misinterpreted.
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Dawn Of A New Age

It is truly the beginning of a new age. The world as we have known it will slowly cease to be. In the days ahead a rejuvenation of not only the earth and all things on it but the very consciousness of
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Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar or Revelations – is doom around the corner? (REVISED)

Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar or Revelations – is doom around the corner?
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2012...The Morning After

The morning after the end of the Mayan calendar.
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Mt. Bugarach and 12/21/12 - The Galamus Sator Square, the Ancient Mayans, and the Southern Cross

Is the Sator Square of Galamus Gorge a reference to the Mayan Southern Cross constellation?
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Sri Lanka UFO Flap – Air Force Sent Up! Have Aliens Chosen Sri Lanka for Landings?

Sri Lanka is involved in one huge UFO flap! It began around November 27th! and as of December 14, 2012, the Sri Lanka Air Force has been ordered into the skies to keep a 24 hour vigil for unidentifi
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European Space Agency Indicates Mars’ Moon Phobos is Hollow and Artificial!

ESA, the prestigious European Space Agency which is the equivalent of NASA, has confirmed what has long been rumored: Mars’ moon Phobos is hollow but also, it is likely artificial! Here it is: Proof
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Orbs Are A True Mystery

What is going on in our skies when craft size orbs flood our skies and we simply do not notice or just do not care?
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Reasonable Theories Can Differ, An Alternative Theory Of 2012

A theory of 2012 that meshes consciousness and scientific concepts additionally explaining the unexplained earth sounds.
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Odd light and strange sounds made this storm frightening to those witnessing the strangeness

Living through the experience of Super Storm of the Century Sandy will stay with me forever. I have lived on Long Island in New York floating in the Atlantic Ocean for most of my life. I have been thr