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Alien Abduction

Paul Schroeder's picture

Ghosts, Earthbound Spirits, Nightmares and Psychics: The Unseen World

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

The 1966/69 Reed Abductions

Scott Corrales's picture

A Show of Force in Argentina?

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

The Willow Tree and the UFOs Down Near The Lake

Chris Holly's picture

Hit by Lightning Multiple Times or was it Something Else?

Jon Kelly's picture

MUFON State Director compares alien abductions with CIA renditions, MKULTRA mind-control torture

Scott Corrales's picture

Reflections on the State of Ufology (2001)

Chris Holly's picture

What will the 2011 Model of UFO Look Like?

Taken.By.The.Greys's picture

UFOs / ET / MIBs - My Close Encounters - Part 2, The True Story Continues

Nigel Kerner's picture

Alien Predators - Would You Put Our Eggs In One Basket?

Scott Corrales's picture

The Pros and Cons of Alien Visitation

Tim Swartz's picture

An Alien Agenda?

Chris Holly's picture

The Unknown Why are We are so Lost

Arthur Champoux's picture

Mysterious Email

Chris Holly's picture

Senior Citizens, Pets and Abduction: Not a Happy Story