Alien Abduction

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The Disturbing World Of Alien Abduction And Mind Control

There are a few alternative explanations for the alien abduction phenomenon, the most prevalent being that the experience does not involve actual aliens at all but is instead a complex, human-driven t
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Is This Proof of Morphic Resonance Between Dogs and Humans?

Rupert Sheldrake has done extensive research on morphic resonance between dogs and their humans. Do we have proof now that this phenomenon exists?
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Abduction in the Desert Sun the Nightmare Continues

Article on bloodline link to real time abductions
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Similar Orb Sightings Witnessed Worldwide!

I think those who follow the paranormal, especially the subject of UFOs, are fully aware we have recently been under a flood of Orb sightings all over the world. My email box continues to fill with th
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Strange Orbs Continue Over Long Island in August

.My family and I are still on our summer’s vacation however I felt it important to report the fact that I am being sent reports from those living along the South Shore of Long Island concerning stran
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A Family of Unconventional Explanations - Part Three

The story about the Oaker family had to be told despite its members requesting anonymity. Their actual names remain confidential, but the stress caused by their alarming encounter should be made...
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What Are Alien Abductions All About?

I imagine strongly that I am just dreaming, but I am again awake in another dimension, unsure of what reality is. Within a blackness, a voice intones, resonant and deeply bass, over and over and over
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Benevolent Teachers or Rampaging Invaders: The Alien Question

Abductee and UFO Enthusiast Argue Our Outcome - Will mankind ever face our alien visitors in warfare?
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Alien manipulati​on of Chakras/ Kundalini nerve centers

A tapping, delicately, on my back. I am sitting up on a table, feeling gentle taps on my back, watching a series of images, myriad tables receding into infinity, like two mirrors facing each other.
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The Noonday Devils: Understanding the Anxiety Attacks

Psychics well know that along with psychic gifts, come awful penalties. Part of the alarming nature of the unknown is its mysterious link to the known; I awaken each night to a lewd exhibition of the
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The Symbol and the Lifelong Mystery

It's been several years, now, since Chris Holly first began seeking input from her readers about a mysterious symbol that has been part and parcel of one Real Time Abductee's life. This abductee was a
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Four Alien Abductions Occurred in Rosario, Argentina

A statement by UFO researchers gathered yesterday in an inter-provincial forum. They defined themselves as “cosmic detectives”. They exchanged results of their latest findings yesterday.
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Puppet Masters and Puppet Strings

Our spiritual and emotional energy is considered 'food' to negative earthbound ghosts, to demons and to aliens, all of who are unseen predatory negative thought entities who can drain us, into disease
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Interview with Kathleen Marden Part II

I watched Cosmos by Carl Sagan on Saturday night; and in one of the ten disc set it featured your Aunt and Uncle, Betty and Barney Hill. Have you seen that Cosmos DVD and what do you think of the depi
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“Where are YOU on this map?”

Last September 19th, 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the Betty and Barney Hill case, one of the world’s best known and documented cases of alien abduction ever recorded in the history of Ufology.