Alien Abduction

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Alien Abductions and Resistance?

Often when alien abductions do occur, the abducting entity places a screen memory in place; a telepathically imposed vivid dream, or if one is attempting active resistance, a nightmare replaces the ac
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The Devastation of Mankind!

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Alien ET UFO Community A Sustainable Culture in Lifes Mysteries!

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

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Finally - A Must Have UFO Book

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Chris Holly's 'A Message to Mankind from a Real Time Abductee'

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Alien/Human Hybrids - What Humankind Must First Learn about Alien Abductions!

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Strategy and Tactics to Manage an Alien Abduction or Unavoidable Alien Encounter

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Childhood Alien Abduction

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Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Classic Communities 11-11-11

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Pilots and Strange Objects They Have Encountered

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Not Getting Hung up on UFO Abductions

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The Extraterrestrial Truth

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An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)

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"Adding Energy to the World" - Remembering Budd Hopkins