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Alien Abduction

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Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

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Warnings from the Abductee's Do Not Blame the Messenger- Instead Heed the Message

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When You Least Expect to See it- Strange Orb Over Shopping Center Northport New York

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Why was Colorado State Director Leslie Varnicle fired?

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Alien Abduction and Amnesia: Tinker bell, A True Story

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How To Remove Demonic and Spirit Attachments

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Living in The Era of 2012

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How Quickly We Forget - The UFO Crash South Haven Park New York 1992

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The Paranormal - Our Biggest Failure

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UFO Abductions Secret Cited In Vancouver Report

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The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFOs

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Contacts are Real

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Taken and Thrown Back Without Concern - Another Abductee Speaks Out

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Alien ET Hybrid TJ Shares Space Robotoids Finds! Level of Each of us=Upgrades 2012

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Methods Of Alien Abductions