Alien Abduction

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The Extraterrestrial Truth

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An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)

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"Adding Energy to the World" - Remembering Budd Hopkins

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Chris Holly's Why I Write About the UFO Alien Subject

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Grey Area: A Suspenseful Novel about Aliens and Human Abductions

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The Real Time Abductee Group

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Paul Schroeder Loves Doing Radio Show Broadcasts about Alien Abductions

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Will You Survive the Era of 2012

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Alien Human Agenda - "TAKEN UP" by TJ

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The Mystery of the Invasive Red Orbs

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Revenge of an Alien Abductee - The Hunter's Tables Turned

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How to Ask About UFOs Without the Ridicule and Laughter

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Unknown Object in the Sky Over Penticton, B.C

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Medical Professionals and Abductees

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Unconscious Extraterrestrial Secrets About Contact Revealed in New Video