Aliens and UFOs

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2004/2005 Backyard Sightings Oshawa

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Graphic Analysis On The Videos Regarding UFOs Over Kumburgaz, Turkey

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Key To Understanding UFOs Is Meditation

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Boomerang-shaped UFO Over Key Largo Florida

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Proof of Paranormal Aliens

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Gabe Valdez, former state police officer in charge of the Dulce, New Mexico area, passed away!!

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More UFO Sightings Over Kansas City, Missouri Area!

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A Response to: Why Humans Do Not Know About Aliens, UFOs, or Life in the Cosmos

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UFO on live Skycam Celebration of Light post-show finale

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BBC Psyops?

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The Knowing Validation (When An Alien Encounter Telepathically Validates You Have Experienced The Knowing)

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Why Humans Do Not Know About UFOs Aliens or Life in the Cosmos

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Epic UFO Celebration of Light displays ignite video fireworks

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Pleiadian Humans