Aliens and UFOs

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Eric has photographed this UFO near the church of San Michele Murato Haute-Corse

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Alien ET TJ Shares the Sweet Joy of the 2012 Ascension Age With a Connection

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Beach Ball Size Translucent Sphere Floats Overhead

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The Dreamy Draw UFO Crash of 1947

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A Crash Before Roswell: Project Cosmic Clearance


Hacker Group "Anonymous" Plans "Operation UFO" 8 pm May 22 2011

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Flying Orange Orbs Shoot Overhead Of Missouri Drivers

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UFO Controversy: blogging your views, your stories!

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Three Important Dates In UFO Research

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Alien ET TJ on Stephen Hawking's No Heaven Comment

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"Synchronized UFOs" Over The Samborombón River

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Thoughts concerning the gray aliens I know

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UFOs over Santiago, Argentina – Surprising Close Encounter Narratives

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"Alien Abductions:'Contactees' or 'Abductees'? Alien Motives and Intentions" By Paul Shroeder

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Et Spirit, Aliens and UFOs, Atlantia Ankikathera - Ancient Antikathera Times