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Aliens and UFOs

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

Alien ET UFO Disclosure and Brain Training is Big Business in Kentucky!

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Kentucky Witness Videos Red Object

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Alien ET Spirit Lightworkers

Roger Marsh's picture

Two UFOs Silently Fly Low Over Lansing, Michigan

divineadvancedhumanbeings.com's picture

A Bit About...Alien Multi-Dimensional Craft And Alien Abductions

Reinaldo Rios's picture

Proposal to the Vatican: "The cloud of resurrection was a UFO"

Scott Corrales's picture

"Go Capture That UFO": The 1978 Puerto Belgrano CE-2

Ron Murdock's picture

What Is Really Happening At Plum Island?

Roger Marsh's picture

Saw Triangle UFO 'rise out of the ocean', claims witness

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CE-3 at Winifreda: Julio Platner’s Experience (1983)

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Congratulations to Britain's "UFO Matrix" in Celebrating Its First Anniversary

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UFO enthusiasts hail FBI’s official release of Roswell memos

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Alien ET Spirit Connection

Roger Marsh's picture

UFO Emerges From Sabine River, Texas

Chris Holly's picture

ET Souls -What Do You Think?