Aliens and UFOs

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Whale Deaths, Seismic Activity and the Southport Ghost Plane

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Shedding Light on UFO-Related Blackouts

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UFO Digest Newsletter July 28, 2011

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Extraterrestrials on Earth: A challenge we can no longer ignore

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Yet More Views from ET's Base of Operations

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Family Reports Cigar-Shape UFO Moving Overhead

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Dr. Henry Kissinger's Key UFO Role Revealed

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Implanting Visions

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Transition: Juan G. Atienza (1930-2011)

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New reports show UFOs continue to compromise nuclear missiles: Robert Hastings

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UFOs: "A Real and Serious Threat"

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UFO fleet near Vancouver City Hall sensed in precognitive dream

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Alien Tissue and Fluid Samples: Preliminary Report I - Update

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MUFON Psyops?

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UFO Frenzy: Southport Air Show 2011