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Aliens and UFOs

Christian Macé's picture

Oval and Cigar Shape UFOs Photographed Over France

Alfred Lambremont Webre's picture

Jerusalem UFO orb is genuine, survives MUFON attempt to debunk ET communication

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

British UFO Research Association - Review of UFO Matrix Magazine

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

Alien Hybrids ET Parapsychology Interests Not So Strange

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

UFO Tsunami - Japan 2011

Jaime Maussan's picture

Jaime Maussan Reports Jerusalem UFO 100% Real!

Roger Marsh's picture

Witnesses See Black Triangle UFOs Over Indiana and California

Alfredo Fernandes's picture

Disclosure of secret files on UFOs in Brazil

Paul Shishis's picture

White UFOs Witnessed and Filmed on Easter Sunday Over Oshawa,Ontario

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

Alien ET Recap on Mu, Pangaea and Atlantis - Life Memories & History

Roger Marsh's picture

Two UFOs Seen In Colorado?

Roger Marsh's picture

A Cluster of UFOs Reported Over Portland?

Pat Regan's picture

The Rendlesham Forest Incident: was it a favour returned?

Roger Marsh's picture

California Witness Observes ''Perfect Black Triangle'

Sean Casteel's picture

Sammy Hagar and Alien Abduction