Aliens and UFOs

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Lights form triangle over Wisconsin-Minnesota

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Egyptian Archaeologist Admits Pyramids May Contain Alien Technology

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Alien ET Psychic Future For All of US! We are not Alone Now or Forever! Supreme Beings are Real!

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UFO Digest Newsletter July 21, 2011

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Going Back A Bit In Time – Revisiting The Early Days Of UFOlogy And The Contactee Movement

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Minnesota witness says object 'right over us'

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ET UFO NETWORK WIN - World Information Network a 501C3 KY International

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Our UFO Sighting in Silver Lake, Michigan

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An Entombed Extraterrestrial

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Paranormal Warnings, Mothman, UFOs, and Bridge Collapse

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Silent Object Photographed By Minnesota Witness

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The Ormskirk UFO

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Strange Light Mystery Solved

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Sightings in the Delta, Argentina, Go Back 20 Years

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Freddy Mercury and John Barrowman both ask “Who wants to live forever”?