Aliens and UFOs

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The Unexplained and the Unimaginable

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"TAKEN UP" Preparation for ET UFO Magic of Ascension - 12-21-12 11:11

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A UFO Landing Strip in Argentina?

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How can we say we have "proof" the Starchild is alien?

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Transformers 3: Silver Screen Saucers review

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Enigmatic personalities behind the initial Dulce underground base rumors

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Red Light Reported Chasing Car Across Arizona Desert

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Top Ten UFO Landing Site Predictions

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"TAKEN UP" July 2011 - The Story of Alien ET TJ on Dirk's UFO Digest

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Strange Sights on Mars

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UFO's over Chilliwack BC as summer of contact continues

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Confusing Cloud Concerns Or What is That Cloud Doing?

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UFO Digest Newsletter July 7, 2011

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The Reality of Being a Contactee and Life Long Experiencer.

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UFO footage from RAF Woodvale Open Day, 3 July 2011