Aliens and UFOs

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Spirit Guides: Good, Bad Or Just Mischievous

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The Curious Case of Stan Romanek -- Part One

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Top Ten Predicted UFO Landing Sites

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CGI The Knife in the Paranormal Back

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UFO-Extraterrestrial Snowden Moment

If we study carefully the events that lead to the Watergate style leak of NSA snooping recently, we can observe some hopeful signs as to an end to the UFO/ET cover-up.
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Beautiful Summer Nights Are to Enjoy Not for Tempting the Unknown

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High Strangeness at the Skinwalker Ranch -- Part One

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"Dulce's Deadly Ditch" By Hugh Mungus

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The Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash of 1953's picture

Who Created the Grey Aliens?

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Questions Concerning The Truth of our Reality

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Tractor Operator Claims Seeing Vehicle; Farmer Sees Cow Abducted

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Argentina's Cerro Los Guanacos

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Team Captain Meet Elaine Douglass, The Gagged-for-life Star Team Confidentiality Agreement.

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Mysterious phenomena are all around us, and within us