Aliens and UFOs

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UFO Skirts Rural Maryland Road

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Disclosure – Why there’s nothing to watch on TV?

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Midnight At the Oasis: Confronting The Unknown In The Desert Wastes

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Alien Telepathy

Alien Telepathy. Alien telepathy is the best way I can describe what I know to be the truth. We all have an ability to know some things before they will happen. We all have an inner knowing, what some
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People - The Paranormal and Our Time in History

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UFOs frequent California's Bear River area

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Witnesses in two states report UFOs flying in formation

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ACIR sm History -1 MAY 2011 Acknowledgement in ET-UFO ACE Community-Press Release- OBAMA-OSAMA

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UFO Digest Canada Welcomes Canadian UFO Reports

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Alien ET Spirit TJ Shares Metaphysical Esoteric XENOVERSE

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Captain Polanco Recalls the Bariloche UFO

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The Ely, Nevada UFO Crash of 1952

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Huge Fireball Rises Up From Farmer's Field

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NASA Confirms Santa Fe UFO Photo Authentic