Aliens and UFOs

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The Ely, Nevada UFO Crash of 1952

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Huge Fireball Rises Up From Farmer's Field

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NASA Confirms Santa Fe UFO Photo Authentic

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Massive Boomerang-shaped UFO witnessed in the Cumbrian skies

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The Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home of the Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

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UFO Digest Newsletter April 28, 2011

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When Level Headed People Encounter the Unknown, UFO's and Lost Time

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Another Recovered Alien Body?

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UFO Photo Causes Media Uproar

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UFOs over Pease Air Force Base

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UFO 'Blob' Surrounded by 'Distorted Air'

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Alien Abductees Fear Repeat Visits

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Weird 11 - Unexplained Mysteries

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Bringing Back Fond Memories Of The Incredible Brian Scott Case