Aliens and UFOs

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UFO disclosure could involve serious safety issues

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Do UFOs Ride the Tidal Waves of Tragedy?

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UFO conference held on down-to-Earth Indian lands in Arizona

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Alien ET TJ Intel Report on 2012 Arrivals

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Japanese nuclear reactor fears and the UFO situation. Is there a relationship?

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Lied to Again What We Were Not Told- The Blackout of 1965

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Security Camera Captures UFO Over Tulancingo, Mexico

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UFOs, Strange Lights and Alien Abduction in Bates County, Missouri

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UPDATE: Japan Reactor Facilities

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Quest for New Atlantis Begins!

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IAEA Director General's UFO invasion concerns in Japan nuclear meltdown analysis

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Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

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Puerto Rican UFO Information in the hands of Obama

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After 14-Years Phoenix Lights Still A Mystery

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Alien ET TJ on the Ancient Wisdom As We Prepare to Learn of Atlantis and 5 Realities as Rings