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Aliens and UFOs

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A Closer Look At The Recent "UFO Photographed Over Colorado" Images

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Psychic Protection from Negative Thought Entities: Metaphysical Cleansing of Alien Imposed and Demonic Nightmare Images

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UFO Photographed Over Colorado!

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The Foundational Evidence that Establishes the Authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO Contacts

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Green Fireballs and UFOs

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Teamwork, readiness needed for further UFO disclosure

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"Tadpole" UFO's photographed over Mt. Olomana and Kaneohe Marine Corps Airstaiton Hawaii

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Planet Earth Needs You

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Alien Astronauts Ancient History or ET Modern Times

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NBA Basketball Star Sees UFO in San Antonio

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WikiLeaks Threatens to Publish Alien and UFOs Files!

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Mysterious UFO photographed over Orlando Florida

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'Cone' of light UFO appears over Sandia Mountains

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A CE-3 (Close Encounter of the Third Kind) in Tandil, Argentina?

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Alien: Cosmic signs and warnings (about earthquakes and nuclear weapons) from our extraterrestrial cousins