Aliens and UFOs

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An environmental feature documentary with sci-fi elements COMING SOON

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Space aliens stamp on Bletchley Park

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UFO Buzzes Control Tower

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New Zealand UFO/Earthquake Axis - Is this a ‘MAN-MADE’ problem?

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Are We At War With Extraterrestrials?

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Alien ET - TJ Shares Ascension Age Awakening Spirit 2012

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Book Review: UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities

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Living in The Era of 2012

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The Dark Side of Flying Saucers - Are We Dealing With Something Evil?

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"The Man From Planet X" Science Fiction Movie 1951 Review, Links and Comparison To Real Planet X

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EXHIBITION OF ALIEN ART, From Churchill 'Finest Hour' Cover artist - Danny Rogers

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The Secret Apollo 18 Mission

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Did Earth Once Share Its Orbit with a Mars-Sized Planet: possibly Nibiru?

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Why was MUFON Colo SD Leslie Varnicle fired? Mystery solved!

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Sky People, Ancient Astronauts Global Brain Matrix - The Internet Exopolitics