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Aliens and UFOs

Roger Marsh's picture

Two Triangle UFOs Sightings Investigated Over Oklahoma

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Saucers Over Guantanamo

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TV series 'Dark Skies' special edition DVD set coming soon

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Did Space Station ISS Videod UFO November 16, 2010

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

Ancient Alien ET TJ Shares Ascension

Roger Marsh's picture

Bright light turns closer and reveals disc shape over Florida

Chris Holly's picture

Half Cat Mutilations a Continued Horror

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ET Annunaki Hieroglyphics Discovered On Coast Of New Jersey: Spectacular Images Cut Into A Salt Marsh To Be Only Seen And Recognized From The Air: Photos

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NASA looks for Extraterrestrials

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Huge Triangle Shaped UFO Over California

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Observations and comments on how aliens pass through solid walls...

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UFO photographed in Poland near Lipianki by Google Maps

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Landing zone in ‘Close Encounters’ has American Indian connections

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UFO Filmed in Romania

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This UFO was filmed in the skies over El Salvador, November 12, 2010 ... :