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Aliens and UFOs

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Power On Earth and Space

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UFOs over Cabo Rojo and Lajas, Puerto Rico

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A Blue UFO over MCIA

Chris Holly's picture

Taken and Thrown Back Without Concern - Another Abductee Speaks Out

Neil Gould's picture

The Jim Sparks Lecture in Hong Kong 2011

Christian Macé's picture

Java Island Crop Circle!

Gordon J. Gianninoto's picture

Larry Bryant Hot On Trail of WikiLeaks, State Department Cautions, UFOs

Tony Elliott's picture

Marfa Lights and Related UFO Phenomena Explained

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Alien ET Humanoids - Physicians Heal Thyselves Decision Time for All - Up To YOU!

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A List of Alien Descriptions

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Maybe disclosure on UFOs, anomalous topics not so mysterious after all

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The Thomas Mantell UFO Incident

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Dr. Anthony Choy comments on the Peruvian "Mothership"

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Alien Light’ Probes in the Sky near Area 51

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Chinese National TV Reports President Obama to Disclose Extraterrestrial Contact!