Aliens and UFOs

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Is 2036 the new 2012?

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The Gary McKinnon saga continues...

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A year on and things are looking up, Artist Danny Rogers

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Island Healer's Orbs elemental to UFO encounters

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UFOS Over Kentucky Valentine's Day Weekend 2011 - Social Paranormal Network Report

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Jerusalem UFO - Who Attacked the UFO Orb?

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Contrails Forming a "V"

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The Flying Hotel of Devon!

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UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon's Mother Holds Clegg to Promise

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The Los Angeles Case - Chile

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More from Starchild Project

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Flying Platforms and Rocketmen?

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Review of UFO Matrix magazine

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Secret UFO messages heat up Saturday night live talk radio

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UFO Witness Believed Invasion Was Imminent!