Aliens and UFOs

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Scientist Claims Mars Moon Phobos Is Hollow!

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The Case of the Unfriendly UFOs

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Glowing Disk Shut Off Car Engine?

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Sam's Strange Encounters with Flying Unknowns- Could He Be Another Abductee?

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Did Invisible UFO Cause Car To Stall?

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Set Your Phaser To Stun!

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THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES --> Photo analysis by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Phd.

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Multiple UFOs Reported by Former Surveillance Veteran

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Indonesian Earthquake and UFO axis

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Oval and Cigar Shape UFOs Photographed Over France

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Jerusalem UFO orb is genuine, survives MUFON attempt to debunk ET communication

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British UFO Research Association - Review of UFO Matrix Magazine

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Alien Hybrids ET Parapsychology Interests Not So Strange

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UFO Tsunami - Japan 2011

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Jaime Maussan Reports Jerusalem UFO 100% Real!