Aliens and UFOs

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UFO Lights Hover Over Sichuan?

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Utah motorists stop to watch hovering orb

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Four Fingers, Almond Eyes and a Guest Appearance on Oprah

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Tennessee case includes alien sighting: Web radio

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Scans of Alien Eyes and References To Saturn On Earth From And In Regard to PX Returns and Pole Shifts

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Alien ET Hybrid TJ Shares Space Robotoids Finds! Level of Each of us=Upgrades 2012

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Starchild Project – latest news

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Methods Of Alien Abductions

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Alien Cloning vs. ET Hybrids with a Soul Information on 2012 TIME Change

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UFOBC: January fireballs seen throughout Vancouver region

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Triangle UFO Hovering Under 200 Feet Reports California Couple

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'Dark Skies' TV series DVDs available: UFO acclimation, disclosure?

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The Missing Water Enigma

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What Is The Greater Threat: ET or NSA?

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The Strangest of the Strange UFO Reports