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Aliens and UFOs

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Former governor Fife Symington wants to know what's out there

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2012 Phenomenon Of The Ascension Age

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Human Conscous Project As Perception - ET In The Eye Of The Beholder

Pat Regan's picture

Alien Mom, the Pharaoh and the Mona Lisa’s smile

Steve Hammons's picture

'After Disclosure' book on UFOs, ET contact due out October 2010

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Rabbi, Name of the Messiah, UFOs and the WWIII

Jon Kelly's picture

UFO's on video reveal Vancouver City Hall's Mesoamerican connections

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Shaman Guides - Avatar Masters - Ascension Center Lightworkers - ET Guides - Angels

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Lieutenant Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens has died

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UFO photographed in Lake Sainte Croix du Verdon September 4, 2010

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A Show of Force in Argentina?

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In Search of the Bradshaw Ranch….

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The Willow Tree and the UFOs Down Near The Lake

Roger Marsh's picture

Second sighting of Duryea, PA, green light fills car interior

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Aetherius Society - Worlds Oldest UFO Religion