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Aliens and UFOs

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And The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

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UFO over Barrow-in-Furness: daytime video footage captured by dog walker

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The Paranormal Invasion of Serious UFO Research

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UFOs Make Mainstream Fun

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The UFO Digest Spotlight on... The National Press Club Conference On "UFO's & Nukes"

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The Roswell Artifacts: How they Hide The Evidence

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Jacob's Ladder: A Jewish UFO Bedtime Story

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A Possible Defense Against Alien Craft

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UN Appoints Space Ambassador To Meet Extraterrestrials?

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Are The Men-In-Black A Form Of UFO Terrorism?

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Have U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facilities Been Compromised By Unidentified Aerial Objects

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The Vatican and United Nations ready for contact?

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Official Name for Dulce, New Mexico underground base!

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Alain took pictures of possible chemtrails in the skies of Toulouse where UFOs appear