Aliens and UFOs

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Alien ET Contactee TJ - Tracking Our Memories & New Ideas

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January 2011 UFO wave over Moscow is 3rd independent confirmation of ET governance council

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Alien Grays and Human Genetic Material

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Triangle UFO Moves Slowly Over Fort Worth

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Highly Recommended - Alien Hunter

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The Snow UFO

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More views from ET’s base of operations...

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Undersea UFO Activity at Bajo Molle, Chile

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UFOs Will Appear in 2011 Chinese astronomer predicts!

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Another Water Tank Is Mysteriously Emptied In Argentina

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Slow Moving Triangle UFO Over Derry, New Hampshire

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UFO Leaves Burn Marks On the Ground, Claims Florida Officer

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Journalists have responsibilities on UFO disclosure, leaks

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UFO in the sky Over Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic

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A Mothership Over Lima, Peru?