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Aliens and UFOs

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

UN Appoints Space Ambassador To Meet Extraterrestrials?

Sean Casteel's picture

Are The Men-In-Black A Form Of UFO Terrorism?

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Have U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facilities Been Compromised By Unidentified Aerial Objects

Herbert Deary's picture

The Vatican and United Nations ready for contact?

Norio Hayakawa's picture

Official Name for Dulce, New Mexico underground base!

Christian Macé's picture

Alain took pictures of possible chemtrails in the skies of Toulouse where UFOs appear

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

TAKEN UP by TJ - ALIENS & UFOS - A series to become a book and a Part of Us!

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

UFO photographed over ancient Chinese city

Redbear's picture

Redbear: Lifting the Veil-we are designed to love

Norio Hayakawa's picture

Dulce installation confirmed by Air Force Colonel

Cristian Negureanu's picture

Mysterious force hinders NASA spacecraft

Roger Marsh's picture

New York witness gets 'clear look' at hovering orange UFO over rural area

Taken.By.The.Greys's picture

UFO/ET/MIBs - My Close Encounters Part 3 - "Into The Abyss "

Pat Regan's picture

UFO – a warning of earthquakes

earthquake warnings
Milton Brener's picture

Apollo 11: Were There UFOs on the Moon, Part 4


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