Aliens and UFOs

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Slow Moving Triangle UFO Over Derry, New Hampshire

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UFO Leaves Burn Marks On the Ground, Claims Florida Officer

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Journalists have responsibilities on UFO disclosure, leaks

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UFO in the sky Over Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic

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A Mothership Over Lima, Peru?

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Low Flying UFO Reported by New York Witness

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Alien Bases on the Moon

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Views from ET's base of operations

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Strange Light in the Skies of Los Angeles

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Maryland Drivers Pull Over and Observe Diamond UFO overhead

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UFO leaks? Open source intelligence already available

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Flashing lights described as 'Fluid' orbs over San Francisco

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More seismic activity following UFO reports hits Northern Britain – signs of things to come?

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Why Did An American Officer Keep Silent For Two Years?

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The Abductee's Symbol - The Ongoing Mystery