Ancient Astronauts

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Star People: Where Did We Come From?

My good friend Lloyd Pye of the Starchild Project recently sent me details of his interview concerning our human origins. Lloyd Pye in an Intervention Theory interview with Mark Windows:
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Machu Picchu- Home of the Kings

After arriving at Machu Picchu you are welcomed by, what seems at first to be a contradiction in location. Expecting to find a five-hundred year old city atop an Andean Mountain, I was pleasantly surp
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Is This Earth or Is This Mars?

Which of the two photos in this article is Earth and which is Mars? As NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity inches its way across the Martian surface, there might be something even more important than searchin
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Similar Orb Sightings Witnessed Worldwide!

I think those who follow the paranormal, especially the subject of UFOs, are fully aware we have recently been under a flood of Orb sightings all over the world. My email box continues to fill with th
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Mexican-Guatemala Governments To Produce ET Movie

A new documentary in production has the Mexican and Guatemalan governments opening their vaults to previously classified evidence of ET interaction with the Mayans.
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Shamash, Ishtar and Igigi - Floater structures in ancient Mesopotamia

In Western culture, the phenomenon of eye floaters (or muscae volitantes) is primarily understood in line with modern ophthalmology as “vitreous opacities”. However, the review of mythical and spiritu
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NASA, Vangelis, and Zeus

NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey mission was on, and as the Mars Odyssey entered orbit around Mars, it did so to the strains of Vangelis' orchestra and choir singing prayers and praise to the gods live from t
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What Will Happen When Mayan Calendar Ends - Dec. 21, 2012?

What will happen on December 21, 2012, and how can you prepare as we enter the "World of the Fifth Sun"?
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Albion and Arthur

Some say that Albion, the oldest known name for Britain is based on an ancient root word meaning white, after the chalk cliffs of the south-east coast or of the landscape of Avebury and Stonehenge.
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Reptiles Can Build Spaceships Too!

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The Dark Twin of Earth

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Giant Monolith Photographed On Mars

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American Preppers Network Is Not Doomsday 2012

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Peru ~ Heart of the Pachamama

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Rocket Aviatrix: Woman First in Space?