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Astral Plane

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Midsummer Solstice - the Sun's zenith

Of all archetypal symbols making a powerful impact on the human spirit, probably none remains more deeply ingrained in our subconscious realms than the circle or the wheel. The circle is an emblematic
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Dream A Little Dream For Me!

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Tibetan Tulpas and Alien Thought-Forms

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Lights from the Other World. Floater structures in the visual arts of modern and present-day shamans

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2012 Alien ET Ascension Age aka Book of Theresa "TAKEN UP"

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2012 Preparation Ascension Age Dimensions in Space

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Balancing Our Chakras as We Birth a New Maya Era

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Alien Metaphysics Critical Mass Mind Collective Consciousness Akashic Field Ancient Ancestors Folksonomy

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Strange Events Continue...

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Bedtime Visualization Method For Astral Projection

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Eavesdropping on Astral Travelers - Grey Aliens in Heaven?

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Remembering Your Out-of-Body Experiences

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UnlockingThe Power Of Astral Projection

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Your Body Needs To Sleep To Experience Astral Projection

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OBE In A Lab? Time For Science To Take Us Seriously