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In The Footsteps Of The Ancient Gods

Some people come to Egypt to see elegant buildings, ornate columns and towering pyramids. Others come for a deeper purpose: to experience their resonance.
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Gravity Corridors, Alien Moons, and the Creatures Below

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Story Tellers and Extraterrestrial Contact

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2012 Good and Bad Alien ET's A Spiritual Agreement with Higher Beings

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Cow Abductions and The Space Elevator

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New Planet That Can Support Life Found

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The Extraordinary Importance Of Astrology To The Ancient Egyptians

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Will You Survive the Era of 2012

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UFOLOGY: The Infiltration by Fundamentalists

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Astrology, Revelation and the Pyramids of Power

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Cosmology and the Origins of Civilization as Discussed in Laird Scranton's The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

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Black Triangle UFO Glides Over Iowa Home

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When the Celebrity Psychic Turns Out to Be - SO MUCH MORE!

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Stargates, Vortex Spots, Portals And Energy Worm Holes You Can Visit

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Psychic Ability


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Mars and Avril


Adapted from two acclaimed graphic novels, Mars et Avril is set in a futuristic Montreal, where humanity is about to set foot on Mars. Jacob Obus, a charismatic musician, takes pride in slowing down time by playing instruments inspired by women’s bodies and designed by his friend Arthur. A love triangle develops when Jacob and Arthur both fall in love with Avril, a young photographer. Enter Eugene Spaak, inventor, cosmologist and Arthur’s father, who unveils a new theory about man’s desire to reach Mars and helps Jacob find the true meaning of life and love.