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Did Colorado Suspect Have Victim Shooting Fantasies?

Expert forensic audio analysis of alleged Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes’ 2006 Miramar College science camp presentation reveals the suspect’s potential unconscious preoccupation with violence.
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James Eagan Holmes Perpetrato​r of Aurora, Colorado Theater Massacre a CIA Operative

By now, everyone in the modern world has heard the news about the massacre at the Cinemark movie theater in Aurora, Colorado where James Eagan Holmes, dressed in full body armor opened fire on moviego
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Benevolent Teachers or Rampaging Invaders: The Alien Question

Abductee and UFO Enthusiast Argue Our Outcome - Will mankind ever face our alien visitors in warfare?
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Are Fusion Camps Up And Ready To Operate?

For years now I've heard of fusion centers being built throughout the USA to detain those refusing to recieve the 666 mark. There may be others placed in these camps such as law abiding citizens who r
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BRITAIN: In Regal Glory or Still In The Dark Ages?

Today much military and diplomatic talk surrounds Britain’s liberation of the Falkland Islands from Argentine occupation on 14 June 1982. This is a very complex issue with both parties being emotively
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Three 9/11 Videos that Scream “Inside Job”

Are you just beginning to question the authenticity of the official story of September 11, 2001 or have you questioned from the day it happened? Either way, 9/11 is probably the most prolific event...
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Contrails/Chemtrails A Government Plot To Create Global Warming

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How the Illuminati Exert Control Through the Media

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New Clue to Fate of Roanoke Lost Colony

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Did Sonar Find The Loch Ness Monster?

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‘The Hunter’

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"The Underground" a true story of Phil Schneider

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Excuses: Who Really Needs Them

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Is A “Breakaway Civilization” Behind The Mysterious Secret Space Program?

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Government Keeps its Citizens in the Dark!