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Got a Bicycle Key? Let's Activate a British Nuke

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One Devil Dead

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Death Dealer Dead: Can we have our Constitution back now?

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The One and Only Emperor of the United States

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A Day the U.S. Nuked Itself

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Henry Kissinger's Opec Deal A Sinister NWO Plot?

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The Continental U.S. Has Been Bombed By Enemy Forces

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One Night in the Life of D.B. Cooper

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Experimenting On Us Humans

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"Your Medical Prison Just Got Tighter ---> LOTS Tighter!" By Don Margolis

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UFOs-Alien Craft, Crop Circles - Who Makes Them and what is Their Purpose?

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Lied to Again What We Were Not Told- The Blackout of 1965

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FEMA “dream warfare” captures targeted persons for FEMA camps in U.S., witness claims

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Warnings from the Abductee's Do Not Blame the Messenger- Instead Heed the Message