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The Strangest of the Strange UFO Reports

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Alleged Secret Messages Describe Dream Warfare Attacks

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HAARP (or similar device) may be responsible for recent Bird and Fish deaths

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Rosslyn Chapel House of Compass and Square

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Are the UFOs appearing in Russia skies in Dec. 2010 Fulham’s predicted UFO wave?

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The Deceptive Smoke and Mirrors With UFO Research

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Argonauts BUGARACH

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The Sinister Global Warming/Climate Change Plot

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Promise Keepers: Legit or Cult?

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When You Least Expect It - A Strange Day Overhead!

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At Pole Shift Will Government Workers Act Like The Elite And Expect You To Serve Them?

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Half Cat Mutilations a Continued Horror

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FEMA Camps Confirmed!

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Now is the Time for a UFO Sighting

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Randy Quaid unedited or unhinged